Day 3

Day 3 here I come

Been dreaming quite a bit which is unlike me and began before I started using patches so must be a quitting thing. Dreaming about different friends each night, quite vivid so I am doing

my best to concentrate on George Clooney today in the hope he may play a part this evening

Constipation has started today but I will combat that

Cough started last night but not too bad and nice to know my Cilia wants to come back

Yesterdays treat was a magazine which I haven't read yet

Todays treat I am working on

Removing patch about 9pm and putting it on 530am as this works for me

Good morning all xx

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  • In looking back day three was indeed a huge turning point for me, going great, and yes I did have very very vivid dreams with my patch, till I realised I was not going to die if I took it off a bit earlier lol.

    Doing great

  • Thank you Tracey

    I have always found day 3-week 3-month 3 ect can be hard and so I am prepared and trying to plan ahead. When I failed my last quit (2012) I had had a real rubbish time with recently diagnosed illness and nasty family problems and although I fully accept that ''Everything'' is an excuse, which it is, I really wasn't mentally strong enough. My illnesses are still with me but under control and my family mess is just that and I can now cope with those things fairly well which is why I am back. I have quit umpteen times over the past 20 years, the longest period was a whole year and that failed because of complacency but I'd say all my other faliures were due to low mood and so I need to keep an eagle eye on how I am feeling and I also need to learn that the low mood does lift even when we feel it wont. That is my battle.

    Today I am breathing so much better xx

  • im finding my dreams are like movies! Im loving my quitting dreams :cool:

    Well dont on your quit so far :):):)

  • Wow Tea, that has just about made my day, all hot and steamy lol

    Thanks to you all guys for the positive vibes xx

  • Geri, I really do have a 'feel' for your quit. You're going all the way (and probably with George Clooney by the sound of it ;)).

    Well done you! Day Three is such a milestone. Just keep telling yourself that you ain't going through it ever again, not for any consideration.

    Big cheers and positive vibes coming your way from me. :)

  • George Clooney in a tuxedo, undoing his cuff links and pulling his bow tie undone.........jacket buttons slipping open, one, two.....

    (Sending positive thoughts)

    Stop it Tea....I'm getting all hot and bothered lol x

  • Gertie well done on deciding to quit again! What you do have is lots of experience so this is the one for you xx

  • Ha ha ha laughing my socks off

    Thanks guys x

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