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Dasterdly Day 3 grrrrrrr


Well I just cant be bothered with anything today, felt a bit snappy last night and am a woman on the edge today lol

I know the first few days are like this so I was prepared... still a bi**h though lol

Hope all other day 3'ers are doing well... I also find insanity starts to set in right about now... and when I am not craving I am laughing to the point of crying... my theory on this...high on Oxygen ;)

Mixxy xxx

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Well done on day three you know things will start to get better really soon. just keep up the good work. xxxxx

Hi Mixxy sweetie, been thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on. Well done - you are doing great, kick those day three blues in the teeth, you can do this, baby steps my love, baby steps.

Still now (and especially after my own blip) all I could commit to was I wont smoke for the next hour. Then, I wont smoke today and so on, it does work, for me anyway, because you are not saying never and that seems to help psychologically.

Take care and please do keep posting to let us know how things are going. With lots of love and sending you positive vibes for getting through this. :)

Well done getting to day three mixxy that's great

Grit those teeth get through the day and it will start getting easier for you


Marg xx

Gnnnrrrrggghhh.... you CAN do it!

Day 3….

It’s an absolute horror isn’t it?

I remember it well…..

I also remember that shortly after the evils of day 3, if you can avoid long term damage by ripping heads off the innocents, maliciously stealing sweets from babies and exploding at a level not dissimilar from Hiroshima, then it will start to get better very soon.

Head down, deep breaths, ignore the known universe wherever possible, you’ll be fine and dandy before you know it!!!

I used to have hot bubble baths and books to get me through this stage… didn’t associate baths with chuffing, and it relaxes you and sends you to sleep…. Where you cant smoke! Hurrah!

Hootin’ Tootin’ Rootin’ for you Mixxylicious!


Hi Mixxy ,

Well done on 3 days , although it may not feel like it you are actually over the worst bit and around now you might not want to kill quite so many people as you did yesterday lol.

Grit your teeth and stay focussed ...........you are doing really well.

Regards Trev

20 a day for 30 years :eek:

3 months patches

7 months 3 days Cold Turkey.

Cheers guy's and yeah I know this is one of the worst days, have managed to stay calm after getting a god awful e-mail from a hopeless boss who dont know her backside from her elbow... I replied calmly and consicely with all required information pffffft to her making out I had screwed up WHEN I HADN'T!!!! Does she not know who she is talking to lmao

Am thinking a packet of wine gums could be on the cards this afternoon ;)

Hi Mixxy, I'm on day 3 and feeling MANIC now! Am would up like a spring and behaving irrationally. I just gave the window cleaner a £1 tip and bought a cream egg for a phone company rep in the supermarket! OMG, I'm going mad!

Is tomorrow better at all?

I'm on NRT too, are you going CT? I thought NRT would help the day 3 madness!

Catherine :eek:

Im Sure you will both find day four a lot easyer. You will also be more than half way passed the first week. Hour by hour if needed it will get better honest.:):)

Day 3 is doable!

... I'm saying this but I'm only half way through...

Mixxy how have you got this far WITHOUT the wine gums...? I'm keeping cadbury's revels in business these last few days....!

Deep breaths x

Hey peeps!

KatMac... I'm on 15mg patches... I intend on being on them as short a time as possible as they give me crazy dreams and i get fed up picking the sticky bits off my arm and scrubbing red raw in the shower :p

It does get easier and quite quickly Kat, once your first week is done the main things is getting past all the quality triggers... some unwanted disaster which life throws at you (pretty much what made me fail last time around).

Drinking... a hugeeeeeeeeee trigger for me, always have been the party animal and although I should be slowing down, i'd rather not :p

But I got past all that before so it can be done! Stay strong!

And vik... I'm trying to be healthy on the diet too hahaha yes I am loopy! Today though I have been munching on pickled beetroot and gherkins! yum yum and No... I'm not pregnant! lol

But the chewy things are calling....

Hi Mixxy, they gave me 21mg patches and I'm not keen to use them any longer than I have to, I just wanted to give myself the best chance to start off.

I'm lucky re drinking (or not!). I was diagnosed with seriously high blood pressure in Dec, so gave that up first. (Even tho the GP told me smoking was the BIGGEST risk factor) So I haven't had a drink for 8 weeks and am going to stay off while I quit the fags. The two go hand in hand for me aswell.

I guess the patches don't keep nicotine levels as high as when we smoke so we will still experience withdrawal. Which I'm glad about as I wouldn't want to get off scot free now just to get the full force of the withdrawal when I quit the patches! Like you I don't want to rely on them either.

Keep going Mixxy, day 3 is 2/3 over for us and we'll be over half way towards that first week this time tomorrow!

Catherine :)

Hey Mixxy :)

Sorry for the late welcome back to you......... Welcome back :cool:

Keep those days adding up nicely and all the best with finishing the patches as soon as you feel ready to.

I had some good dreams but also some very 'sat up bolt straight wide awake and ready to react' dreams too.

Anyway, your almost an old hand now ;), you know the drill and know too that things do become easier........ till then (and hoping it wont' be long) all the best to you hun.

Hope your Day Three, whilst coming in like a lion, leaves like a lamb


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