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OMG 11 Months !!!!

Really cannot believe that I am 11 months, yes 11 months off the cigs this coming Monday. 4 more diddly little weeks and I'll be entering the penthouse, something I never, ever would have thought possible back in those dark early days, particularly Hell Week (week one). I still have the very odd thought about smoking but those thoughts are quickly pushed aside to the depths of depravity where they belong ;)

Big Up to any of my crew, the January Freedom Fighters, who are still in this battle with me - onwards and upwards my friends, we are gonna get to that penthouse :D

Stay cool :cool: xxxxxxxxxx

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Oh well done Blondie!! :)

So glad to see a few more of the January Quitters are still around and doing so fantastically well. There is going to be SUCH a party this time next month isn't there?

Many congratulations :D


Congratulations Blondie :)


Congratulations Blondie xx


Thanks everyone :D


Congrats, it's surprising just how fast 11 months can go by, to help, I something try and remember day 1 and ewwwww, that feeling and cravings, that's what kept me originally going.

Well done.


Very well done.


Well done Blondie, what a fab achievement :)


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