11 Months today!!!!

Well thats me now on the last leg of, what has been a surprisingly short journey, towards the penthouse.

Today i have been stopped for 11 months. ELEVEN MONTHS!!!!!!:D

I would never have believed that i could have got this far before my quit BUT i have .

The oldest cliche is that "if i can do this anyone can" but it is so true.

Its now a sprint towards the finish line of the penthouse and i cant wait.

Get the beers in folks, i'll be there soon!!!!!!! :D

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  • Well done matey!!

    Nice one, the countdown to the penthouse is ticking loud!



  • hi tk eleven months ,thats so cool:rolleyes:,,i find time goes so quick ,,it has for me,penthouse is my goal ,i will get there with the help of the fourm,,so i will keep the faithh tony

  • :D well done !

    ill have a beer chilling for you in 4weeks :p

  • Well done John

    Its rockin in here mate and the ales on tap

    See ya soon;):D

  • Well done John, just a walk in the park now!!and I'm strolling along 1 month behind:D Just noticed my quit meter says 10 months yeeha

    Just a shame Skygod couldn't be here to see it;)

    See you in the penthouse.

    just got clean up all these leaflets:rolleyes:


  • Well done John not long now have a beer for me. Hopefully I will be there in 10 months HEHExxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Also well done Mark.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • John - you deserve and have earned every bit of this success.

    You are one of the good guys


  • Many congratulations John, so glad to see your doing incredibly well.

    Look forward to the One Year celebration soon!

  • Awesome, John.

    No one deserves it more than you.... congrats :D

  • Well done John next stop penthouse plaza...........:D

  • Bloomin' heck! Where does the time go eh? You made me realise I missed my "11month" party......and am sprinting towards the Penthouse as we speaks....Yikes!!!!!:D:D

    Well done us !!! :D

    Dubbs seems to have given you the clap, but here's some more....;)

  • Hi Barbs

    Not long now you got your case ready? xxxxx

  • Well done John eleven months that's wonderful :D :D

  • Hi Barbs

    Not long now you got your case ready? xxxxx

    All packed and ready to go............:D

    Onwards and Upwards! :D

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