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Day 15, Into Week 3! Thoughts

Now into Week 3, feeling fine but noticing that I have my fists clenched a lot of the time or that I'm fiddling my hands, also feeling a lot of anxiety but have heard this mostly goes away after the third week when the physical addiction is mostly gone?

Also been eating more than usual but I'm not too worried about that, and feeling some depression but hopefully that will go away.

I do sometimes find myself romanticizing smoking so I am going to write down some thoughts.

-The taste of a cigarette when I'd just smoked one ten minutes ago but was still craving nicotine.

-The taste of a cigarette when hungover

-Smoking a cigarette and still craving nicotine afterwards.

-Waking up with a sore throat and horrible breath.

-Stained smelly fingers.

-Clothes and room reeking of stale smoke

-Constant headaches

-Constant sinus problems and colds

-Numb feeling - now I've stopped I feel like I notice things more, I see more, smell more, have heightened senses.

-Constant coughing

-Whistling and wheezing when I breathed

-Standing in a group and awkwardly blowing smoke away from other people

-Coming back to my desk at work after going out for a cigarette and knowing I stank

-Knowing I stank when sitting next to people on bus etc.

-Grey dull skin and zombie eyes

-Felt like I sweated a lot more when I smoked - anyone find this??

-Spending 80% of the time thinking about smoking or when I was next going to smoke, if I had enough to last the day, if I had a lighter, etc.

-Worrying about how much it was costing.

-Stained yellow teeth and horrible breath. Unhealthy gums

-Panicking if I ran out

-Aches and pains seem to have gone since I stopped! Was feeling 45 not 25

-Wishing I could stop - now I have so just need to keep going!!

Sending positive energy to everyone!!

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You're doing great Matt, it does get better I promise. Great list you've compiled there, and one I wish I had written years ago to spur me on to quit a lot sooner than I have.

Keep up the good work :)


Just look at that list, Matt, every time you feel a crave come upon you. Nice one mate, and flipping well done on your three weeks!! :D


Good list Matthew, I guess it could be added to if you put your mind to it, I know I could . Bonkers isn't it. Keep it up and best wishes


Good indeed!


A very effective list Matt, hope you are still quit and it's getting easier for you x


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