Day 15 - Feeling optimistic

Into day 15 of my quit now, and while i am still wary of the nicodemon, i have to say i am feeling very good at the moment. The cravings are more of an irritant than a torture.

The best thing was walking to the no smoking clinic today and realising that on arrival i was not gasping for breath. :)

The more time goes by the more i am realising that the decision to stop smoking is probably the best decision i have ever made.

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  • Ian,

    Well done on reaching day 15! I'll bet you're well chuffed at being able to go from day to day without smoking... And you will feel even better as time goes by... Congrats!!!


  • Hi ian,

    Glad you are stickying with it. am on day 16 ( i think ) and had a badish day yesterday but today felt pretty normal.....which is good......had a slight crave just now, but it can crave as much as it likes i wont die if i dont have a ciggie but could if i

    anyway all the best

  • Well done Ian and Gizza that's my saying you won't die wanting one but you may die having one.

    Good luck all.


  • superb, well done both Ian and Gizza, optimistic is a great way to be feeling :) it fills me with confidence to hear fellow quitters being so positive about the quit, keep on going!!!

  • People who have never smoked will never understand just how big of a deal it is to get to day fifteen without having a cigarette.

    Fortunately everyone here knows precisely how big an achievement this is, and will give you a hearty virtual slap on the back for making it this far. They may even buy you a virtual pint. Cheers! :D

    Well done to you. Keep on trucking!

  • Thanks everyone - and BIG congrats to you people too for quitting the smokes.

    May we all continue to succeed in keeping the nicodemon out forever. :)

  • well done Ian, good on you! :)

  • Thank you KitKat......Or should that be QuitKat by now ;)

  • Ian you are doing great, but instead of thinking 15 days, well 16 now, think 2 weeks and 2 days thats nearer the month, it will feel brilliant when you hit the month milestone which I know you will.

  • Great Thinking Jamangie - But then again i have come to expect nothing less from you :)

  • Thank you KitKat......Or should that be QuitKat by now ;)

    hey yeah haha! i like my new name :D.

    *Thinking of an Ian one??...struggling hmmm! *

  • QuitKat!! :):D super cool name,

    ICanB (nicotine free) :)?!?? heehee

  • LOL we can devote a whole thread to renaming each other :D

  • hahaha :D :D

  • QuitKat!! :):D super cool name,

    ICanB (nicotine free) :)?!?? heehee

    Ha Ha....Brilliant.

    Keep Up The Good Work...I(C)AN B...Nicotine 3.


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