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Week 8, Day 5: All is well!

Lo folks,

Well i really don't have too much to say about my quit at this moment as far as reporting on it is concerned.. since saturday nights start of week 8, i've had no stresses that i've not dealt with calmly, no moods that i've not stamped on of my own accord, and cravings, although i've had some minor ones so far this week have been actually nothing i can't personally handle.

So all in check, all is well.

Today being thursday, and its now 3am, i'll go grab some sleep and see if theres any posts i can help on later today.

Take care...


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Hi Jase :D

Almost 9 weeks that's great well done hope you're suitably proud of yourself

Glad the cravings are minor and easily dealt with and the moods as well




sounds like you got it well under control jase. good work! :D

just remember to be on your guard for those sneaky little deamons at all times.


I got what most guys would consider a dream shopping trip on today.. but for me its a bit of a stress because i'm not an expert on the topic...

Car Hunting.. looking for a new car. Much as i really like my current car.. i've put off going looking for over 2 weeks now... this week i'm off work and i was meant to go looking much earlier in the week... today being thursday shows how much i must be dreading going shopping for one ;)

I can't wait, but at the same time knowing all the stories you hear about buying a used car.. you do tend to worry that you'll get ripped off a bit. Going to some larger garages though.

I'd say wish me luck but its more than luck i need. (meet my biggest insecurity :) )



I think i did my thread title a bit misleading here too.. its my 8th week this week, at the end of this week (saturday it will be the start of my 9th week)

So i've done 7 weeks , saturday night 10pm will be my 8 weeks total done.



Well that went rather well :)... Seems i'm the new proud owner of a 2003 Black Mondeo 2.0i Ghia ;)

Upgrading from a rather worn out 1995 Mondeo which i'll be soooo glad to see the back of :)

I pick it up tomorrow !!

/punches the air

This piccy is of the 2005 model, but i think the shape and the look of it is pretty much the same. (picture from a car showroom found at random)


Veeerrrry Nice. Bet you can't sleep tonight as you will be too excited. S

Suppose we won't get many posts out of you tomorrow will we, you'll be too busy posing! :D


I got my 1 wish with it though, 1 previous owner.. and a non-smoker!! :)

This car with all its leather trim has never been smoked in, and never will be smoked in,.. i like that thought !!


I pick the car up this afternoon at some point, why oh why am i stressing over it though.. i'm stressing like nobodies business.. worrying about all the little details.. from hope i can get the damn petrol cap up to i wonder if its bigger in shape than what i'm used to.. omg.. multi-storey car park nightmare!! :)

You name it, i've probably stressed it today.


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