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3 month today

well I made it to my 3 months 12 weeks today I quit not sure how many days I lot count

I am on 0.5 mil champix a day this is 1/4 strength I was on not at my smokers clinic now but my doctor happy enough for me to be on the small dose for a little while longer

what longest ppl have been on champix

my next step is 1 every other day got to admit I getting odd twinges for a smoke that I didn't have but it passes


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Hi, just wanted to say a massive well done from me, I personally did not use champix, but 3 months in is amazing.

I do hope you are starting to reap the rewards go not smoking,

Brilliant :)


Very well done Shirley, three months is great. I didn't use champix either so have no idea how it works/how long you stay on it but I don't think it matters very much using NRTs for as long as you need to. :):)


Nicely done ! I was on Champix too, and stopped it after the Starter pack.

I've tried to quit several times, and thus far, Champix has given me the best results, though I view it as an aid, mostly.

Good job on 3 months !


1/4 of a year done Shirley, good work! :) x


thanks a lot every one feeling pretty pleased with myself had to give up my beloved tea aswell but smokes and tea went hand in hand .....very strong tea I drank 2/3 tbags knocked hell out my teeth along with smokes but had my teeth done now so nothing that cause staining for me now x


Wow- bet your teeth look a million dollars now don't they?

Many, many congratulations from me. You're doing fantastically well. :)


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