No Smoking Day
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Hi Eveyone, 3 Months today

Hello to every quitter on this site,

whether you have just joined or have been here forever well done for making the choice to quit smoking. Quitting was and is the best thing I have done in a very long time, and is proving its worth every day. I can spend more time doing things I enjoy without looking for an excuse to smoke.

It is now 3 months since I stopped smoking and now I am pretty sure I will not smoke again. Looking forward to the future.:)


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Well Done Wayne......

Not long till u have been stopped for 4 months


Congratulations on your 3 months quit.

You have a very positive attitude and sound happy about your quit, keep it up who knows where it might take you.



Hi Wayne :D

WAHEY 3 months quit and for that there's only one word


and well done




3months today, wow, what an achievement, you must feel so proud of yourself, you have a really positive attitude and it really helps when you read a post thats well in front of your own quit and its giving lots of encouragment to keep going!

well done and congratulations!!!!



Thank you all for your comments and a special thanks to Marg who is always there to wish everybody well.



The three month milestone came and went without my even noticing it (same day as Staron - well done btw). I can't believe it's been so easy given how difficult I've found it on numerous failed attempts.

Although I haven't posted much, this site has definitely helped. Just the thought that I wanted to be able to come back and post that I had managed another week does help keep the head in the right place - along with the fact that others, who maybe seem to be finding it harder than me, are struggling through successfully.

I was trying to think of the benefits over the last month or so, now that I "feel" I have it conquered. The health benefits are there to a small extent, and obviously I don't stink, though that never bothered me when I smoked, but I think Staron has hit the nail on the head ...

I can spend more time doing things I enjoy without looking for an excuse to smoke.

Going for a solitary walk used to be a fagfest. Despite current restrictions, going for a drink was a fagfest. Going to the races was a fagfest. Even going for a meal involved a plan to slip out for a few during the evening. Now I can do whatever I want without having to be burdened by the responsibility of tending to the needs of my addiction.


Wayne, CONGRATULATIONS ON 3 MONTHS. I'm right behind you.



Staron, Melendez -

CONGRATS to both of you on 3 months.:D



Well done Wayne!!!!

A three month milestone!!!!


See you in 4 weeks for month 4 under your belt :D


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