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No Smoking Day
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Into month 3 Today!

Wow, I've got to month 3, and it feels really great!!! :D:D

I can now see that it felt like it's been dragging a bit towards the end of month 2. Completing the month and starting month 3 feels liberating, almost like a kind of rebirth. There is definitely something beneficial and powerful in using milestones.

I've still got low level craves, but they aren't enough to get me to smoke. They just add a dissatisfying background irritation to the day. :(

If you are reading this and are a new starter, don't worry about these low level craves! They are nothing like as strong as the initial craves you get when starting your quit. For nearly all the time I don't notice them, and they certainly aren't making me think about smoking. The strong craves at the beginning of your quit do subside fairly quickly, and it gets easier as you go on, much easier.

I feel really great today, fantastic, and really pleased with myself. :D

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Well done Biggrin, so pleased for you gong into month 3, and youre right the milestones definitely help to keep you going strong (aling with this forum of course). In regards to the low level craves, for me I feel they're more like a " shouldn't I be doing something now" type feeling rather than wanting a cig but as you said they do fade in the background!

Have a great day and join the party in month 3!!

Karen :-)




Great positive post to be reading

look forward to seeing you reach the next milestone just think your first christmas of being an ex smoker isnt that a great thought of not having to miss out on all the fun :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go





What's that you say?

Biggrin has hit his 3rd month!!


Smack my bum and call me Mary!

Somebody get me another Tripe Ice Cream!!


I'm so excited

And I just can't hide it

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!!

Sooooo well done mucker.

Such a positive post it makes me wanna get up and dance.

I said out loud this morning...

"Get in Biggrin has hit his 3rd month"......

my better half was over the moon for you and she's never been on the site.......guess I've been keeping her informed!! :D

So....race you to month 4 mucker?

Be loud and proud.

All the very best

Greg :)


Wotcha Biggrin

Huge well done matey, it feels brilliant doesn't it. I know what you mean about it feeling likes it moving slowly running up to a milestone, it did for me getting to 2 months done and dusted.

But you're here now! Mince pie? I don't suppose you can get control of Greg now you're here? He keeps flicking tripe ice cream at everyone and I've already piled enough weight on without being tempted further! :D

It's getting packed in here and that's just so cool!

Molly x



Congratulations to Biggrin for reaching month 3. That is fantastic:)

I found a "big grin" congratulations to honour the occasion.


Thank you everyone, lovely posts, really supportive, they've made my day!


A big grin for you.

Really pleased for you biggrin..........we are the same time more or less.:D


Great going Biggrin, one of the forum's staple posters too, your success is well deserved ;)


Well done Biggrin! you have done exceptionally well and been a great support to alot of people who quit around the same time as you. Make sure you treat yourself:)You definitely deserve it.:D


Carolrose, Angry Bear, Haze - Thanks :)



Well done my love. I just know that this quit is going to be the 'one' for you. You are doing so well and as Hazel says, you are also a much valued member of this forum. Another Christmas Star:)

Fi x


Well done biggrin and make sure you treat yourself for reaching this milestone.

You're doing absolutely brilliantly, xo :D


Get in biggrin!!!! 3 months is brilliant and you should be soo proud of yourself x

as I brake into a carlton dance to celebrate your victory I will provide for you an epic ratty who is gunna show sum respect coz you is rockin it man!!!


waatt urrpp man!!!!

lucy xx




3 months is awesome! It was the point that I really knew I was winning!

Keep on keeping on!


Thanks for the kind words, encouragement and groovy pictures. :)


3 rd month well done!

Well done Biggrin :D

The statistics say your chances of staying off have now shot up!

Keep on keeping on and thanks for being an inspiration!


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