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Hi peeps, not posted for a while, but I do stop by often to see how everyone is. It's great to see so many doing so well :D I'm doing ok, one day off 11 weeks smokefree. I'm not complacent but smoking is now not the first thing I think of when I wake up, or the last thing each evening before I go to bed.

Anyway, just wanted you all to meet Boo, my 10 week old little cocker spaniel cross. My daughter has always wanted a puppy and I always said no as I thought they would be too expensive to keep, ridiculous really considering the amount I was spending on fags! The money I have saved has paid for Boo, and all she needs! Anyway, we are walking miles each evening, and when Boo has finished having her jabs she will be joining us, although I'm sure we will be carrying her most of the way until she gets bigger :) She is into everything and I'm generally chasing her round the house trying to retrieve something she has pinched :o When I'm home alone she is keeping me busy, which is great, as that is my worst time for cravings!

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Sooooo cute, lucky you. By the way you are doing sooo very well with your quit :):)

Just keep going:)


Thank you Tracey and debbieh, I am feeling more in control now. I still get cravings but they are fewer and less intense now. I would never have though I could get this far, and coming on here has helped massively.

On a personal level there has been some quite challenging things going on since I quit, and I have somehow managed to deal with them without giving in, I hope that means I stand a chance of staying smoke free. I'm just gonna keep going, I'm sure my daughter and Boo will continue to help keep me too busy to think about smoking :)


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