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pooh bear and christopher robin

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well. I've been AWOL as I've been on holiday visiting my 2 and 3 year old nieces. I had the most marvellous time and am still smoke free! It seemed to be getting easier and I cut down the champix to one tablet a day. However, I got home yesterday and the cravings hit like a train and I was so agitated, crying and chewing my fingernails to the quick.....WHYand WHEN will this end!!! :confused:

Today is better though and I'm still hanging in there. I am so grateful to have found this forum - I got back into reading the posts and I'm doing OK and can feel a little more positive. There are a few of you on here that I credit for helping me get through each day....and the folks that replied to my posts and they are in no particular order, carol62, biggrin, nifty(you really helped with describing the intensity of cravings as being like a volume control knob and this helps me turn it down when its really bad - thank you), haze56, sian583, popo72, karri(I love that you describe yourself as a non smoker in training as I feel that's what I am too), nonico, here-we-go, helsbelles(my mum used to say hells, bells and buckets of blood when she was cross...mum died 18 months ago and I miss her and you have such a way with words that I think that maybe my mum had a hand in guiding me to this forum because she knew it was full of good genuine people) and mrsm(I think I remember you wrote a response that you had a baby in RAF changi? Sorry if I got it wrong but if I'm right then my mum was posted to RAF seletar)

Anyway, I'm 60 days free so I suppose that means I go to month 3!

Today has been a better day but I know that I haven't hit the smooth yet so will keep taking it one day at a time. Thank you all and in the words of Christopher robin to pooh 'promise me you'all always remember you're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think', we can do this, we are doing it and we'll keep doing it!! :)

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My son was born in Changi and went to school in Seletar. Small world


What a fantastic post cupcake :)

Even though you have had a hard time it is lovely to hear you saying the things you say. Positive affirmations is the way forward I'm sure :)

The volume is lower now isn't it, even just this far in.

Even though I have a whinge, I have to slap myself in the mush and tell myself to get a grip...

We have to allow it to get easier....we have to allow ourselves to get over this.

This is something I sometimes forget, do you?

I was wondering where the pooh was coming in! But the great quote at the end was worth waiting for :D

You are right...

We can do this!

We are doing this!

Bring it on!

Take care




Hi una and sorry I got you mixed up with someone else.

It is a small world especially when you think about the zillions of people in the world and there is this random connection, wow :)


Cupcake so brilliant to hear off u, glad all is going well:D

Month 3 is a huge achievement so big respect, Greg and I shall be joining you shortly in mth 3 :D

P.s love the Pooh quote ;)


Hi nifty,

You are so right about allowing ourselves to get over this...just because we're climbing a mountain of broken glass doesn't mean we have to do it barefoot!!! Someone said this to me while I was on holiday and it stuck with me like the volume control knob.

I too have my moments when I struggle because while the volume is lower, I have to work on the 'something missing' feeling which for me is a different demon. However, this forum comes to my rescue and I move on. I don't have access to the forum when I'm at work which is a bummer but I get on it when I get home and all is good in the world again :) Of course, if that fails, I have learnt from the forum that a good slap from a fish works too ;)

Take care, xo


Hi sian,

I have reserved your and Greg's place month 3 and seriously, how did we do this?? If someone told me 3 months ago I would be smoke free for 3 months, I would have laughed my head off!

I'm off to put the tree up, you take care and thank you for your support, xo


Love the Pooh quote

Well well done! It's horrible getting those sudden strong urges but you are dealing with them so well. Coming on here and just reading through everything you can find does help doesn't it. I thank God for this forum and all you fellow quitters whenever I use it (every day, although I don't always post)

Keep it up and I am 2 weeks behind you (and also cut the Champix down to one a day! I haven't had one today at all :eek: but will leave it till tomorrow now :))



3 months is a great achievement, well done lass:)

Fi x


Seriously people ..... cupcake makes me think....have we got something here!!

Is it possible to copyright the "stinging double trout slap" as a quit aid?

....We could make millions! :D

er....or are have we all just got a fish fishation ... sorry I meant fish fixation!




cupcake, I'm so touched by what you said about me, it brought a tear to my eye. Thankyou. xxx

And hang in there, you're doing a cracking job.

H xxx


Nice to see you posting again, Cupcake, and congrats on 60 days :D


Well done Cupcake on getting to 3 months, onwards and upwards now for you and it will just get easier and easier!:)


thanks everyone

Thanks for all the encouragement :)

Big hug for helsbelles - your posts really help me so much especially the older ones where you describe the early stages of your quit and I hope that doesn't sound cheesey or creepy:eek:

Nifty, the double trout slap made me laugh so hard it hurt ;)

Thanks biggrin, haze56 and calyx.

Today has been tough again so I've been on here reading old posts and feel reassured when I read that folks way way ahead of me in the quit were posting about feeling the way I feel now.....craving, something missing, nostalgia... I'm soooo annoyed with myself because I was so much stronger when I was on holiday and now I feel like I did in week one!!

Off to bed now and hopefully have a better day tomorrow, night all, xo


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