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Lots of upset on forum, any one got some good news?


Well, it's Been such a horrid week or two for so many on the forum, I feel for all !

Now has any one got a joke or some good news to share.

I'm going to view a house to night, all be it in my dark glasses but hey hoe,

It's got a veg plot, log fires, a pizza oven in the garden, grape fines and I love it, fingers crossed,

Down side close to the main road , south facing garden and I do love my garden, :)

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My good news is that I put in my 'Notice of intention to retire' form to the Police today and so August 5th will be my last day in the Cops.I am very excited about bumming around all day- er- I mean- striking out on a new career path :D:D

Police work has become very demoralising under the savage cuts of this wretched PM Camoron,and although I could do a few more years I have had enough and I am OFF heading for the Hills clutching a decent pension and commutation lump sum.I know many people think the Police do a crap job :( but I swear that in my 25 years I never met a racist or sexist in the job or anyone who wanted to do anything but a good job for the public.So few of us out there now,it is frightening.Wish I didn't know how few there are.:rolleyes:

I am honest,house trained,all my bits work and I can do a very good impression of a lounge lizard so If anyone in the West Country wants to offer me a part time job please holler :cool:

Quite true max..

Years a go when I was mid teens I was attacked by what can a I say a older man,

Obviously it changes your view of people.

Many many years later got stopped by a police man for something on my car, policeman say,s

Can you sit in the car with me just ask couple questions,

No I can't, I don't sit in cars with strangers, my answer.

Went on for a while I was not getting in the car for fear really, you never know.

Move forward, in the end he sat in the back seat of my car and asked the questions, he understood and it was so very funny really,

Got out and said THANKYOU

Seems so silly now but he was a good guy, he could of made my life difficult

I am going on a hen weekend to Ibiza, its not till next may but decided i deserve a treat ha, am very good to myself :D

I so love Ibiza, so if you get the chance do explore the island.


It's a place i have never been to KK am really looking forward to it. San Antonio Bay is where we are going :D

I so love Ibiza, so if you get the chance do explore the island.


Who goes to Ibiza to explore the island? :eek:

Good news - 8 months quit, £2178 not spent on cigarettes, breathing easy, going on holiday in 4 weeks and the sun is still shining!

Well to be honest i don't think there will be any time for sightseeing but if i like the place we could maybe consider it for a family holiday but somewhere a bit quieter :D

I have only been to Ibiza once and that was many years ago (in 1976 in fact, when I was 12). That was before Ibiza's current Rave incarnation and whilst there were already resort hotels (we were on a package holiday) I remember that most of the area around the hotel was still very rural with lots of small farms, little towns with lovely markets, small local restaurants & bars by the sea, quiet beaches, etc. It was a great holiday- I remember learning to snorkel and also a boat trip where they threw bottles of fizz from the boat and we could dive for them. I managed to grab one and my older sister (she and my brother-in-law took me with them on the holiday- it couldn't have been long after they married) was well impressed! :)

Max, how exciting! Do you have any post-retirement plans or are you just going to bum around for a while and see how it takes you?

I'm happy because OH & I are having a day out in London on Saturday. He bought me tickets for the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of 'Bring up the Bodies' (Hillary Mantel) at the Aldwych theatre. We're planning a walk along the embankment first, followed by a bottle of fizz and some grub at 'Champagne & Fromage' in Covent Garden before the theatre. I'm really looking forward to it! :)


My Hubby go a permanent job at the school board yesterday. Been on contract each year for the past 15 years when he quit his permanent job in a Private education school in Montreal (mental healt, physical and intellectual deficiency)

It took a while because he also went back to part time university for an another bachelor degree.

So the good new is that we don't worry were he is going to work and the % of salary in relation to % of time worked.


That's fantastic news ,

Many congratulations to your OH, Helene. You must be both over the moon. :)

i always try and revert to stupid things if i find the general mood is low, got a little solar powered monkey figure that dances in the sun

also silly youtube stuff



You shall not pass the dog :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

That's funny Jenny, made me laugh:)

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