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Back on day one...not a good feeling.

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well after a hard 4 weeks I'm back on day 1- never trust the wine and the lets just have a fag, I'll just have the one just doesn't happen.... lesson learnt. Another thing I've learnt, and I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, the length your smoker ( so called) friends will go to to keep you smoking. Its like they want to keep you on them to make them feel better about still smoking? Just dont get it. Will try again and this time I'm doubly prepared :)

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Hi Helen

Sorry to hear about your slip up - was it just the one night? And just a few fags? If so then I would personally think of it as a blip (as long as it's just this once)...

Whatever you choose to call it, good luck with your quit - you have made it to a month+ already so, much as you know how hard it is, you also know that you can do it... and next time you will be prepared for your friends ;)

oh dear ... its horrible when it all goes wrong :(

But well done for getting back going again :D

After i had quit for afew months i started questioning comments / looks /feelings - it was like i was looking too hard at everything, and looking back now it feels asthough i was looking for a good excuse to give up on my quit.Nicotine is such a difficult substance to give up, and it plays on the brain for too long.

good luck with the starting over

i wish you the best of luck:)

daizy x

Well it could of been a blip if I hadn't of had a couple the next morning :(

But I know whats ahead -hopefully I'll nail it this time :D

Hi Helen , soooooooooooooooo sorry to hear that you dropped your guard.

Good luck back in the saddle again:)

Trev x

Helen, you can make it.

Drop the booze and start again, or at least tell yourself that the booze isn't going to deter you and stick to that story.


Helen - I feel for you. we quit around the same time and I know how distraught I'd be if i was to fall off.

As Alex says, if drinking makes you vulnerable then stay off it for a while and next time you do drink have a plan (mine was to eat my bodyweight in cheese and onion !), take lozzies, inhalator, nasal spray, mayeb an electric cigarette, it'll only be for a short while then not smoking and not even thinking about smoking will come naturally.

Good luck

Hey, don't beat yourself up about it or you'll end up in that viscous circle :(

I also dread the drink situation,but we are all only human after all but just think how stronger you have become?

Good luck


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