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Starting Day 2 after falling off the wagon

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I managed to quit in January this year but fell off the wagon a couple of months ago after a boozy night out... It's been a slippery slope since then of having a few fags here and there to smoking more and more each day. I really want to nip this in the bud so that it doesn't turn into a full blown addiction/habit again.

Am really annoyed with myself for lighting up again but hey ho, here I am.

Yesterday was not too bad, but did get a bit tetchy by the end of the day (feel sorry for my boyfriend for feeling the brunt of my grumpiness)

Found this forum helpful when I quit earlier in the year.

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welcome back hun

just remember that for many people that try quitting not many do it successfully the first time around or even afew times around and as one of the mottos is practice makes perfect you will find your quit

obviously coming back here and posting will help dont look on your last quit as a failure you can do this taking one day at a time and being kind to yourself sipping water and taking slow deep breathes will help plus making a list of all the positives to quitting versus the negatives will help too also reread your earlier posts to jog your memory on how well you done

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


well done on getting back on the wagon, at least with it being round 2 you know what you're in for. Best of luck in your first week x

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Welcome back gruff, you have been missed, hope day 2 is kind to you, I will be joining you very soon xx

Hello Gruff :)

You were indeed missed and it is good to see you again though obviously sorry to hear you lost your quit.

It's all a learning curve and now you're back on the wagon you'll be all the more alert for those derailing moments and all the more able to stand your ground.

May you day go well and may this quit prove to be the final one. :)

Hi Gruffalo, nice to meet you and sorry to hear you fell off the wagon, it's great that you are back on it though so well done:)

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