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My patches keep falling off


Last night I thought I'd push my luck and go to the pub. After an hour or so, I went to show my pal my patch after boasting about 2 days smoke free. It was gone !! :eek: nowhere to be found :confused: It was almost like I was naked in a crowd. Anyway, here I am, starting day 3, checking every 5 minutes to make sure my patch is still there. Any tips on keeping them on?


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Morning Martin :D

Duct tape :D

hehe no 'cos removing that wont be fun :eek:

Keep spares maybe and use medical tape to hold in in place?

hehe well done your doing really well and still got your humor at day 3!!

~Buffy x x

Hi Martin

Welldone on pub so soon. Micropore tape is good to keep patch on my partner left it on in the shower this morning and it stayed in place. Good luck stay strong Linda xxx

That is funny :D

Something strange is happening

Now and again I get a call from the Mrs asking me to get something for my dinner on the way home from work, as she's working late or something. This happened today. Usually when she calls me, I pop into Tesco and buy myself a microwave curry, often a Jalfrezi with bazmati rice and a nan. Well I did exactly that, but when I got home, I found in my bag, 2 tubs of ice cream, 2 jam doughnuts, 2 litres of coke and a litre of scotch. What is going on???:(

I found in my bag, 2 tubs of ice cream, 2 jam doughnuts, 2 litres of coke and a litre of scotch. What is going on??? :confused:

Very good hehe

Well theres proof that you have quit :D

Skinny ashtray or fat n smoke free the choice is yours mwahahahahahaha

Diets are for wimps :p

Worry about that stuff later you have a good excuse to eat and drink more for now !!!

Those items are your rewards for doing so well! keep it up ;)

~Buffy x x

I am on a see food diet, see food and eat it, he he. Lets have some fun, its Friday, last day of my working week for now, start again tomorrow evening, do bar work 2 days a week and in office 5 days a week, looking forward to a chinky:D tonite (food):cool: and a few sips of wine;)

xxx Pupalup xxxx

:o Sorry Boudee !!

Present company accepted :p your no wimp! I seen you in action with riz i was hiding! lollol


I love you boudee my luv :D

I am going off to mother in laws for weekend, currently it is raining cats and dogs and the street lamps are on:eek: it's like november out there :( at least the tube station will be open 'cos theres no cricket at lords hehee (when crickets on all the escalators go up and we have to struggle down the stairs buggies suitcases n all :mad:

Have a good one hun x x

Yes Buffy

Have a fab time Love Linda xxx

On my way home from work in the car I had a family sized bag of reduced sugar winegums and a turkish delight bar (mmmmmmmmm). Ive just walked through the door and had 4 chocolate biscuits and a twix and now fancy a takeaway curry with all the lot plus poppodoms and a bottle of wine.

So that is what I shall have.

lol i haven't put any on :p i eat what i like, as long as i go to aqua twice a week im fine, on the patch situ stick it on your bum, and tops of your legs



ive had the same problems are u usin the clear ones i am. ive had to put medical tape on mine to keep it on but i rele am guna get some duct tape lol will start a new trend !!! i was like you lost mine and dint realise, the first time it happened i put it bk on the wrong way lol didnt realsie for 7 hours lol

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