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I fell off the Wagon!!

Hi Everyone,

All I can say is, "U stuipd, stupid, woman"!:mad: What the hell was i thinking, i let that bl*****dy demon get to me. Had a terrible night, lots of prob's :( and i couldn't keep hold of my rolling wagon, (it was moving at 60mph :eek:) landed with a bump, it could have cried i felt so ashamed, thank god the thing stopped, i got straight back on, moving along ok so far, i think i'll chain myself it this time, NOT going to let that happen again!

I can cope with stress without a ciggie!!!!!!!

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Sorry you hit a bump in the road but it does happen. Don't beat yourslef up over it. You're back on your quit & more resolved to stay on it & that's whats important.

Gaynor xx


Thats you and me both babe, your back on the wagon and the wheels are back on and pumped up , you can do it and you know you can. be strong xxxx:D


Thank's for your support, differently not falling off again! going to move at 100 mph this time, will be to scared to fall off :D


Straight back on it...

That's the way, straight back on it and just keep looking forward.

Seems from reading on here that many who have a blip see it as a positive and it just reinforces their quit. Learn from it and put it behind you.

Good to have you back on board buddy :)


Oh no, Stay strong..., you know you can do it. That Nicodemon is pure evil, just stay away from him.


Awwww poor you.

Ok, be realistic though its not the end of the world, and you've learned a very valuable lesson i reckon here.

Just to encourage you a little bit though? well prior to this quit (which i started in july 2009), i tried once before that earlier in 2009, i got through to day 4.. and oh boy did i fail hard that day... i ended up smoking 'through choice'.. but i learned...

prior to that i had 2 other very well established quits that i failed on (6 months and 8 months) due to me believing that i could con the laws of addiction and smoke 'just one'.. hmmmph aye just one, then just one more.. then one more.. and so on n so on... NOW THATS FAILING. I cannot tell you how that made me feel on both of those occasions, the feeling of disappointment was immense.. and yeah i really did call myself a stupid Rse for having thrown great quits away.

but despite the failings, despite the false starts, and disappointment, what matters is i learned.. its what makes us human.. to err is human. (to forgive divine)

ANYWAY.. you've learned the important lesson, you looked the nicotine demon in the eye as he thought he'd found a flaw in your armour and i reckon if you can take the lesson, use it to make you even more determined that you can do this.. you really can.

Everyone can quit.. and you sure can too.

look forward to seeing your posts as you regain your footing here.. just never give up on wanting to be free.

I wish you the best of luck, and as i've got a ton of 'Positive Mental Attitude' you can have too.. so heres loads of it.. you can use mine :)



Cant add much more to this, other than to say that you choose not to smoke. And stress really doesn't go away or get better if you smoke. Take it from a fully paid up stressy person!


Sorry for the SMALL blip - because that is all it was. You are not still smoking so it is no big deal and well done you :D

Next time you feel stressed - take 10 deep breaths and count to a hundred :)

Stay strong


hope this day is better for you - smae happened to me.

just remeber if you smoke it wont make anything better...

good luck and see you tomorrow


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