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No Smoking Day
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Right...start of Day 2

Well here I am on Day 2. Not as easy as it was yesterday. Seem like the high of quitting has tapered off and I'm missing them :( I've been up for 2 hours, hardly slept last night. Although patches are helping and I'm not climbing the wall - I have the empty feeling.

Oh please let today be okay! I'm working tonight at 4 so that will keep me busy, although I have set points in the night when I smoke eek! Trying so hard to have faith. Trying to remember the reasons for quiting!

I have been smokefree now for nearly 38 hours and have saved £8.38 according to the app :) Hope everyone else is getting on okay?

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Thanks Kat :)

I popped a patch on first thing and it seems to be helping now. I just don't really know what to do with myself, I feel like something is missing. I think I might start a new book and go outside with it on my smoking chair!!

I honestly have so much admiration for those of you who have smoked for 10 years + and have stopped. I have been smoking 8 years (OMG!!) and I can't imagine how hard it is when you have smoked longer.

I don't have the urge at the moment and when I do they are not too intense. Thank god for patches!


Good advice Kat as always :)

The first days are the worst and peak day 3-4 and then they really do get better with each day,so just hang on in there.Keep posting and reading quitters stories for inspiration,you are doing fine,just take a day at a time and soon it will be 1 wk gone :)


Thank you guys! Really, thank you for the support!

Feeling it bad now :( It's really hard going today. I don't know why it's so bad argh! Just feeling totally lost and feel like a little part of me is missing :( I'm finding it so hard not to snap at everyone, I feel like there is a little voice inside my head saying 'go on, just one!' Keep trying to tell myself it's the addiction talking and I don't need one.

I will be okay when I get to work, it's not like I can have a cig in other peoples houses (I'm a home carer). The car is probably going to be the hardest part. But hey, maybe I'll get finished quicker!

Grrrr!!! Rant over!


Aww it can be really tough at first!!

The lost feeling, well I think we all got that - we've all smoked for years and because smoking uses all your senses it becomes a huge part of you - suddenly removing it leaves a hole, what to do with your mouth, hands and so on *but* you will get over it!!

You're doing fab so far :)


Its tough when the craves strike......just tell your self NO you are not smoking today.Drink water brush teeth eat cherries(getting through a punnet a day)lol any thing to distract.An iff you succumb then you are either right back to square one or smoking again full time.Then its only a mtter of time before you try and quit again.I know Iv been there.....You can do this.....honestly you can.If I can any one can:D :D :D


Well I survived!! Felt alot better after going out to work, just being out of the house helped. I felt like the walls were closing in a bit!

I've been drinking plenty of water, feeling better for it. And brushing teeth seems to be helping alot. I like having fresh breath! U don't realise how disgusting you must smell when you are a smoker.

Onwards and upwards! Patch is on and we're on to day 3 :) :)


Haha I love it! I'm lucky I don't live anywhere near London (I'm in NE Scotland) No such thing as tubes up here lol!

I have noticed my car air freshener is smelling very strong. And when I'm walking past people smoking it still smells lovely! Ahh nevermind.

Does anyone have any tips on how to handle myself when out having a few drinks? I've got until Sunday to gear up for it, I just don't fully trust myself yet, especially after a couple of vinos!


Drinking can be problematic when quitting. Hopefully not all of your friends smoke, so you can spend time in the non-smoking crowd of people, it does help to be around non smokers. Next I would tell people that you are quitting smoking, not trying to quit, tell them you quit recently. Also, tell yourself that you quit and that you will not smoke. Finally, do not over do it with the booze. I've had many failed quits because I go out and get absolutely smashed and either start bumming cigs or simply give in to the cravings and buy a pack. So keep the drinking to a minimum.

It takes a ton of will power to quit smoking and you are doing great so far. You'll be ready for Sunday when it comes.


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