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The annual MOT

Well, now I'm of a certain age (>40) I have these every year now. The routine blood tests and then check up where I get to over-estimate the exercise I get, under-estimate how much I drink and make sure I wear shorts and take shoes off before I hit the scales. BMI put's me into the 'overweight' category :o but I like to think it's the same as a lion. Does my doctor know otherwise?? Nope :D

She also said that if the damage caused by smoking can be repaired, then 'most of it' will be done within two years of quitting. I'm happy with that if the chart is an inverse exponential, all fine and enjoyed question 59 of post-checkup survey! :cool:

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Hi Hawkeye, must be great to go to the doctors and not have to tick 'smoker', I certainly won't miss the resulting lecture either. :)


Nice post Hawkeye :D

Don't think I shall ever get over the novelty of being an ex smoker. It definitely makes me feel smugger than I have any right to feel. :o

And Lostie- it'll come off. If it is any consolation to you, my bmi was right on the boundary between overweight & obese but now it's down to 21.9- well within normal parameters. And anyway, there's nowt wrong with being a bit cuddly :)


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