6 Years, Annual Flyby

Doing my annual flyby, sort of like the birds heading south for winter. It's been almost (but not quite) 6 years since I quit and the wonderful people on this forum helped me through it. All the advice, reinforcement, and encouragement worked. . . .there's power in numbers.

So, just remember, to quit just take it one cig at a time. It mounts up. Soon you too will be six years down the road wondering why you ever smoked at all.

Best of luck!

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  • :D:D:D



    How amazing is that

    Thank you so much for letting us know your still going strong :)


    Massive mahooosive

    R E S P E C T !

    do you still get cravings ?

  • Wow!

    Thats amazabubble!


    Massive mahooosive

    R E S P E C T !

    do you still get cravings ?

    Interesting question. No cravings at all. I know this is going to sound crazy, I do remember the cravings when I quit, and how they tapered off, but I don't remember how they feel, only that they felt bad. It all fades away with time.

    Anyway, good luck all of you on your journey to a new life without cigs. Trust me, you'll like the destination once you get there.

    Talk to you next year!

  • Thanks for sharing that Rob......OMG. A world without ANY cravings...even more reason to plod on....not that I am wishing my life away... :)

  • FANTASTIC Rob! Like Max said - you are where we all want to be! I bet you feel great!! Woo asked the first thing that popped in my head and I am soooo happy the cravings go away. Thank you for sharing your success with us!!! :D

  • Well done - and how kind of you to remember this forum.

  • Nice one Rob, I'm sure I'll never over take you :D

  • Respect, indeed! As Max said, Rob......you are where we all want to be! I quote Max as I am lost for words myself; what you have achieved is so stunning.....

    lost for words......


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