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No Smoking Day
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Here is my story so far

I am a 38 year old woman who has been smoking for 23 years.It started with just 1 or 2 a day and finished up at about 20-30 rollies a day.

I have tried on numerous occassions to give up and once I even managed it for nearly a year but I have always went back.

I have tried patches, gum, microtabs and champix.

I have 2 youngs boys aged 6 and 9 and they both hate smoking particulary their Mummy and Daddy smoking.

Every day I would hear..... Mummy I don't want you to die....Mummy will you please stop smoking......Mummy I promise to be a really good boy if you stop smoking....Mummy please don't go outside and have a cigarette.

About 3 years ago I started suffering from Raynards in my fingers.In cold weather my fingers would go white and it would take lots of rubbing them to get the blood back into them.

At its worst I would take 6-7 attacks a day....it started taking longer to get my fingers warmed up again.I had to always carry a heat pack.My fingers ached.It then started happening in warmer weather.It spread to more fingers.It started in my toes.....I tried this time last year to stop as the Raynards was getting worse but once again the nicotine demon was on my shoulder and I started once again.This past winter was the worst for my fingers and I started to imagine what it would be like to lose my fingers.:eek::eek::eek:

I stopped along with my husband on 23rd March 2009 on a 12 week programme with our local pharmacist.I started on the inhalator but since reading Alan Carr's book on my second week I have gone cold turkey.

I have had my ups and downs but seeing the happiness on both my sons faces is well worth it .I have only had 3 attacks of Raynards since stopping so the benefits are incredible.

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Hi Macjac :D

You're doing great this time well done keep it up

In your post you have loads of very good reasons to keep going,both for the sake of your health and your children

Just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxx


Welcome Macjac, I see you joined in 2007 like I did, for me it was only a short while that I stopped smoking but its taken me this long to get back here, my grandchildren do not like me and my OH smoking but the real reason we have given up and its now 2 weeks and starting third week tomorrow is our health. Good luck to you on your quit. Stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx


Hi Macjac :) you quit the same day as I did :D:D

Well done, and I'm glad your boys are happy now!! and you should be too;)


Hi Macjac

Welcome and congrats on your quit so far. You are already into your month 2 so very well done. it is one of the best quit aid in all the world when our children are proud of us. So keep the picture of the little faces in your head. we are all like one big happy family here helping each other. look forward to getting to know you. Linda xxxxx


hi macjac,,you are doing so good,,you need to have lots of faith in your self,you know you can do it ,,you know you can ..you just keep,:D:D:D


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