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day 5 feeling a bit s....y

day 5 ,coping with cravings ok,even went out last night got drunk and did not have a fag..woke up this morning,throat is feeling really sore and thick.chest is also playing up .have to try and clear my throat all the time ,is this part of the process ,is my body shedding the crap out of it,.im not worried about it just wondering ?thanks all

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It's just so horrid these early stages of a quit, but you have come so far👏

The symptoms do suggest it's your body getting rid of the nastys. I did not have that issue, but think many peeps on here do.

Keep going nearly a week now that's something amazing, isn't it?

Doing so wel☺️


thank you all for your replies esp max,that info was an eye opener thank you all xx


Hope you soon come out the other side DG :)

I developed the most awful hacking & tickly cough- drove me potty for the first few weeks- along with a tight chest exactly the way you feel when you have a cold coming on. It's most irritating but it doesn't last long honestly.

You still haven't told us why your name is Dyson Girl! :D


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