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Uh oh


Watched the game and had quite a few beers and now I have the worst craving I've probably had in a month. It's so bad. So glad that I am at my OH's parents' in the middle of nowhere because I'm not going to lie if I was in Manchester with 24 hour shops around the corner I'm not sure what would happen.

On my 100 days too. How upsetting. Thought this kind of crave was behind me.

Also huge thanks to Lostie for donating to my JustGiving page on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. Someone said it about a month ago but I know I owe my quit mainly to the support of this forum and as they host it I tried to give something back. Again, thank you so much x

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Hang in there Kirstie - it will pass! You are doing sooooooo well.

Sarah x

Don't give in Kirstie,

I am on day 19 and just looked back at one of my old quits when i failed at about 3 months and I nearly cried, i think it was 2008 and if I hadn't caved in I would now have been quit for 6 years! Think how far you have come and please please don't look back!

You can do it! xx

Kirstie these are the sneaky, back door cravings that sneak up on us when we least expect it, I think I was about 100 days when I had a huge craving that lasted all afternoon. They do pass, and knowing you can handle them makes any future ones feel far less intense. You are doing brilliantly, well donexx

Booze is a well known trigger, especially if you have more than a little. You loosen up and get reckless.

If you got through unscathed, you'll be fine.

Come too far to fall off the horse now. Come on keep going.

I feel better today and the beer probably did make it worse but these past couple of days I have noticed my quit more, it kind of went to the back of my mind for a bit and now I think about it more often? Probably because of the stress of moving and leaving uni. Hope it packs it in soon!

Thanks everyone though x

I think you're right in what you say Kirstie- it's the effect of finishing your exams and leaving Uni that's turned your thoughts back to your quit in general. The main thing is that you have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal now for when the cravings hit and as Max says, it won't be long before you reach the tipping point where not smoking has become more normal than smoking was.

Well done you for holding out and resisting! :)

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