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Especially for Kat oh and that bloke oh ummmm MAX

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only jesting Max ;)

I just wanted to say a


Between you both you have managed to post over 7574 posts :eek: in that short a time

How amazing and wonderful is that :)and shows how caring and passionate about supporting not only each other but everyone else that finds this very special place

You truly inspire many me included on that one


Thank you

cant wait to see you walk through the PENTHOUSE DOORS

its ok i have made sure there wilbe a never ending supply of your fav drinks in


here are afew pics



hugs x

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sorry i know i normally post more pics but i have to get ready to go out

i do hope you both have a fab day


Exceptional Kat! It's been a pleasure to witness and share your journey so far, long may it continue. Five months is great stuff, well done that girl! :)

Congratulations Kat on reaching 5 months.

Fantastic achievement. Well done :D

May :) x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Congrats the pair of you and I also think that Molly1970 and popo72 have a significant milestone today too :D

Massive well done to both of you!!

2 huge milestones from 2 fab forum members :D :D

Thanks to both of you for all the support, it means a lot.

Would definitely be smoking again if it wasn't for you two!!

Max, the good news is you can now use the 6 month bar.

The bad news is I've been here for a while :p

Well done Kat, 5 months is fab. CONGRATULATIONS :):):):):)

This month I am particularly grateful to our Gemma-Lou, my fellow Kernow Kwitter who's been a massive support through some really rough times - thank you sweetpea, you truly are a GEM!

Aww you're very welcome hun, you've helped me loads too!!


Very well done Kat. Congratulations

Huge well done Kat. You are such an asset to this forum, you cajole, support, advise and occasionally bully all around you unfailingly. I am incredibly proud of you hun.

Congratulations :D

Molly :)


Very well done. I know you've had your ups and downs, but you've come through as a shining star :D:D


Well done my love. So, so pleased for you.

Keep on keeping on, you're doing fab. And you're such as asset to the Forum.

Fi x

Well done Kat and Max. You guys so deserve something like this. Although I don't post often, I always see you two always lifting the spirits of everyone else, not forgetting providing inspiration when needed, and great advise for us mere mortals. :)

I salute you both! ! !

@ Max, no problem. You both have been kind to complete strangers on a daily basis, so a post for you guys is the least we can all do to appreciate it.

@Kat, sorry, work has been really busy, and my little baby boy takes up most of my free time. But i will never forget this forum, and will try my best to pop in to say hi from time to time. This forum truly has helped me quit the habit.

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