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Oh 'me' of little faith

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When I first started this quit, I never really thought I'd get this far - but here I am!! 3 weeks down and working on one month - so very happy!!! In a couple of hours I'll be ready to walk the corridor to my new room, but I'm gonna hang back a bit and wait on my friend Ananke. She'll be coming along tomorrow and I thought it be nice if we just went there together – its more fun that way:)

So come on Ananke stop peeking over my shoulder and hurry up, I'm waiting on you!! oh BTW if you could just bring a bottle of that homemade gooseberry wine of yours, you'll be golden ;)

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Oh Que I am really excited for you and Ananke, keep up the good work, you are an Inspiration to all of us,

Morning Que, wow doing fantastic, quitting can be torrid at times, I can tell you the new room smells so sweet.you will live it.

Just keep going

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Aw that's so nice! well done Que, and how lovely that you and Ananke can do this together :) I know it's helped AnnMarie and I to have each other within a day or so!

Brilliant news to wake up to, ta! x

Yes really made up for both of you. X

Fabulous Que. I remember your late night post the last night you were smoking, you have done splendidly, and cold turkey, we'll done girl! Enjoy the wine and then check out Tracey ' s post for hang over cures he he :)

Well done Que, new rooms always make you feel great, as you should. Three weeks is brilliant. :)

Great going Que. Quite a journey isn't it?

Yes sir it is, but being part of this forum is one great reason to enjoy it!!

WoooHooo Que, I'm here. Are you packed? :)

Yes m'am! Got a nice assortment of stretchy, elastic waist items to wear that I borrowed from my mom:eek: I'll probably be envied for my sense of fashion:)

Ahh, forward planning, I like that :)

I usually always go to "today's posts" but as I've not been on as much, I came to look for this thread and I'm looking at the forum list....week 1 etc and don't see week 4 and then it hit me that we are in Month 1, it sounds like such a long time :) Such a good feeling :)

yes it does feel good, but weird - felt sort of guilty posting in one month , before hardly starting week 4:-)

Oh well its just semantics - we are doing well my friend!!!!

You are both doing absolutely amazing, I'm on your heels make room for me :0)

Absolutely Jillibean!! the more the merrier:-)

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