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Uh oh I am one of those awful ex smokers!!


When I quit I promised myself I wouldn't become one of those ex smokers. You know the sort, looking down their nose at smokers, telling everyone they should quit, thinking about how much smokers stink etc etc

Epic fail!! I found myself today getting really frustrated with my ex who was saying he should give up but couldn't do it at the moment, not the right time, didn't want to, wasn't ready, couldn't do it etc etc MAN UP MAN!! Was what my head was screaming yes it's hard but you feel SOOO much better for it!

I went out with some friends who all smoke and ended up doing a clothes wash at 2am when I got in as they smelt so well faggy

And those people huddled outside buildings in the rain, tragic!

The thing is this was all me five weeks ago I even moaned to people before I quit that I didn't want to because 'I loved smoking' how things have changed!

I wish there was something we could bottle or promote that could promote these things to all the smokers out there. My friends and my ex just think I am an annoying ex smoker!! Maybe I am I just wish I could share the energy of this forum with them and 'save' them!!

Pointless post really I guess it just hit me today on day 35 (woop!) I think this is it I am in it for the long term I can't see myself going back I have become a dreaded ex smoker! Doh!!


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Hey Karri

Thanks for the well done and don't panic I am not pressuring anyone into anything and no one knows I was thinking all these thoughts! Having been there I know pressure from people doesn't help at all! So don't panic it's just all in my head. Am ready to support people when they need it but sit back and wait too! As I said it was a pointless post I was just so surprised how your perception can change in five weeks!!

That's strange max I was thinking just the same thing on Friday, had to go into London for a meeting so took a train and two tubes then walked for 20 mins or so, literally came across a couple of people smoking and smelt a couple of other smokers on the trains - heaps less than I am sure would have been there even six months ago - I think all of a sudden smokers are actually really outnumbered! Weird!!?

Ooh, I know exactly what you mean!!

Am well on the way to being one of those too - haven't said anything to anyone obviously - but can't help thinking "what an idiot" when I see someone outside having a fag, especially huddled up in the cold and wet!!

Then I realise that used to be me :eek: and that people were probably thinking the same thing :eek:

im the same as you tryingveryhard , i grin and grit my teeth when my husband says he is going out for a fag , underneath im thinking how weak and pathetic are you for allowing that to control you , i look at people with contempt who are smoking huddled outside in the rain , even though i was there just over a month ago :o , but i do keep my thoughts in my head just in case the worst should happen and i ever join them again :eek:

I try not to preach to people, there's nothing more annoying! I just let people get on with it, they will stop when they want to.

It is awful though when you see people outside in the pouring rain just to get their fix but then just think, oh well, I'm inside nice and warm I don't need to do that any more :) x

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