No Smoking Day
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Day 1... Here we go

Morning all

So, day 1 is here and I'm bricking it! My plan of action is to go CT but I will use NRT gum if need be and maybe hubby's e-cig.

I successfully quit previously about 7-8 years ago but went back... So now I have to do it all again!

Anyway, I have filled my day with stuff to stop me getting bored (hopefully) so I am off to the gym this morning for the second part of my induction and then going to a local spa this afternoon (birthday pressy from hubby) with my friend so between now and 6pm ish I'm pretty busy!

Today's goal... get through today without smoking a cigarette.

Any other day ones out there?

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Thanks Debbieh! How's your quit going with champix? I did contemplate it so would be interested to know how you find it :)


One day at a time hun xxx


I am little concerned that today has been easy especially as I have been CT! I have prob had 10 thoughts of "oh, I might go and have a ciggy" and then either told myself "give it 10 minutes" or "no, you can't".

I have not climbed any walls, killed anyone or sobbed like a baby. I feel like I am being lured into a false sense of security and that naughty Nic will try and get me hard tomorrow!

Not sure whether I should pop some gum or something as I do have an underlying feeling of something being amiss?!



Cool name :)


Morning! Thanks guys and girls, I went to bed at 930 pm yesterday! LOL Off to day 2....


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