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No Smoking Day
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4 months down & dusted.

Well today marks my 4th calendar month of Cold Turkey completed. Now I am busting month 5's door down and the half way house is firmly within my sights!

I hardly even think about cigarettes any longer, the cravings are hardly even there and when they do come they pass at what it seems like a moments notice. The only time that I think of them its when I see somebody smoking and I sort of feel sorry for them being underneath the foot of the Nicodemon and the company that creates it. :(

First stop, the half way house.

The next, The Penthouse and being completely victorious over nicotine addiction.

The Fight for Freedom marches on.


- January Freedom Fighter.

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Fantastic Mike! :)

You & Beer are really rocking. Wonderful to hear how well it's going. Penthouse lights are definitely appearing over the horizen. :D


Congtratulations xx


Hey mike. Congratulations on 4 months. Your post mirrors exactly how I was at month 4. Minimal cravings too and the smell of other peoples smoke was foul. I have also gone cold turkey.

You have got it well under control and the great news is it just gets easier and easier. I am knocking on 6 months halfway house now and smoking for me is now well and truly over.

Congrats again!


Congratulations Mike........way to go:D:D:D


Hi Mike.

We are doing great and sugar is with us all the way:D


Thanks everybody for the continued support! You guys are all rock stars.


You, Sugar and I will all meet at the penthouse and have a beer!


Flipping marvellous Mike, well done, nearly at that halfway house now :) :) :) x


W00t Mike.

Well done, mate :)


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