Six months done and dusted

Complete doddle!

Well, not exactly, but at the end of the day not as hard you think. Was a time when I could never have imagined this, but it just goes to show you whats possible, for ANY of us.

Remember old Nic's more scared of us than we are of him. Same deal as with Grizzlies... I think. lol

Its been theraputic posting here, definately a positive factor, I know you all will concur.

Anyway, the Penthouse awaits. Think someone had better double the insurance cover, could get messy. In fact scratch could, it will. :)


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  • Congrats Supervillain a massive milestone reached keep on going :)

  • Fantastic, well done.

  • Rock on Supervillain :D

    Welcome to the penthouse!!

    hold your head high and breath deep the view up here is incredible x x

    P.s If you find any of me old bits n bobs just pop 'em downstairs for me :o

  • Well done mate congrats welcome to the penthouse

    Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations! That penthouse is getting fuller by the day. It's great that so many of you in there are still posting here, it's a real encouragement to the rest of us. :):)

  • JACKPOT ......havent you done well ? CONGRATULATIONS your a superstar. xxx :D:D;)

  • WOW!! 6 months!!! well done!:D

    it's surprising just how fast the time actually goes! when you give up the ciggies you expect the days to drag along,being unhappy all the time n desperate for the next nic-fix;) but look now!!! it gets easier day after day then you find you are actually HAPPIER.HEALTHIER,AND RICHER, and you feel happy to help the ones who's just starting on the road to stopping smoking(ah well!! lets say! YOU FEEL MORE QUALIFIED:D to help people cos you've been there!!)

    Anyway keep up the good work! and CONGRATULATIONS again! for getting this far!

    best wishes.poskit.x

    PS. WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED PARTYING IN THIS ROOM WILL YOU LEAVE IT TIDY! AND WELL STOCKED WITH BOOZE ! for the one's of us that will be having our 6 months celebrations in the very near future!:D ie' steveh, nosmoke, me and everyone else who i've happened to miss!!(sorry!)

  • pppoooossskkkkkkiiiiiittttttt :D

    Hello x x x x


  • Well done!! MASSIVE achievement- hope I make it to the penthouse someday;)

  • pppoooossskkkkkkiiiiiittttttt

    Hello x x x x

    :Dhiya buffy,

    sorry i've not got back to u but i've not been online that often:rolleyes: still got hubby at home with his pot on! so i'm doin alot of runnin about n stuff.

    will try to get on more often n talk to u all!!


    catchya all soon

    bye for now...poskit.x

  • tsk tsk she says now we all have a few more gray hairs :rolleyes: :D

    HAHAHAHAHA GREY HAIRS? U BOU!! AT YOUR AGE!!:D shhhhhhhhh don't tell everyone!!

    catchya soon, hope youre ok, bye for now pos.x;)

  • Cheers all :)

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