woo hoo!!

Well today is day 5. Passed a big test last night after a foul day at work, I went for a drink at Chorley Fc presentation night and didn't cave in.

Wasn't sure if it was the crap day or the withdrawal but I was in a killer mood, so to get through that and have a drink I think is a huge achievement.

Bigger test is tonight when I go out on the razz with the girls but luckily they are supporting me so I am feeling determined.

Been reading about Champix keeping peeps awake, just glad its not happening to me as I get little enough as it is.

Onwards and upwards, I will beat this 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • :D

    Well done hun getting to day 5 is brilliant

    but remember to keep on your guard tonight hope you have a good night out :)

  • Thanks Carol, I know I have to be careful. I have warned the girls not to give me any if I ask and I certainly won't buy any. Funny enough I don't think its going to bother me too much. Fingers crossed lol.

    We always have a good night, I just feel sorry for anyone out in Manchester tonight lol :D

  • Well done and have a fantastic night tonight.

  • Morning Mrs J,

    Did Manchester survive? :D

    Well done on putting Day Five to bed despite being a difficult one. I'm sure you were fine last night and can welcome Day Six (albeit with a bit of a hangover). :)

  • Hi Mrs :) hope you have a brilliant night out and don't let your guard down under the influence of alcohol ;) ;) , I'm sure you will be posting that you got through the night unscathed :) xx

  • I have faith in you, you can stay quit, doing great:)

  • success

    Yep managed to get through the night unscathed lol. 3 of my friends smoked and it really didn't bother me even though they were considerate and didn't leave me on my own whilst they went for a smoke. Feels weird but I don't seem to feel it with the drink, its more after my tea. OH smokes and what's even wierder is I don't even realise he has had a cig half the time :)

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