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Month 2, really????

WOW!!!!! I am into month 2. I can hardly believe it.....

I didn't really feel like posting anything because I am pretty distracted with my own ***** show and Tractor Girl..... well she's my girl and she is having it rough beyond any of my stupid troubles. So suffice it to say I am really down about everything at the moment.

I guess it is important to keep posting here so I won't smoke because it is precisely what I would like to be doing right now if I am honest. Also because this is the very 1st time I have actually made it to month 2. :cool::cool:

Anyway if this helps anyone to stay the course today one hour at a time then it was well worth the post.

I can't believe it has been 5 whole days since I have left my house ugh! Going to have to get it together and stop hiding lol, (see that's how bad I am lol) I haven't trusted myself to leave the house this week because I figured I would probably drive myself straight to the nearest shop and get my hands on things that I know I shouldn't so I have been hiding out :eek:

Tomorrow I will peek back out at the world and hang on real month 2 :rolleyes:

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Well done hun, I know what you mean I feel down too about TG bless her life sucks sometimes she'll come through this though I am sure, she's a tough cookie ;)

Re your 2 months that's awesome! just be careful in the next few weeks there are quite a few of us that lost it around that time, but that's not going to happen to you, you are made of sterner stuff :) keep it up matey :D x


Wow:) wow:) wow:)

Way to go. Just blooming wonderful:)


congratulations! ! be proud of yourself.


Well done Sherri, I hope that you are really proud of yourself. You definitely should get out the house and go and treat yourself to something for making it to Month 2. x


Thank you everyone.... :) you're all awesome !!

I promise my next post will be upbeat and cheerful if it kills me lol.

Enough with the depression etc. ugh time to get moving forward eh? Ok, dusting off and moving on :p

Ta Ta for now.... I must go check out my new accommodations at hôtel deux mois. ;)


That's wonderful Sherri! :D

I think you deserve a very large pat on the back for staying strong and focussed despite all the horrible things life has thrown your way recently. Your troubles are not stupid! I think Kirstie is right- it's time to treat yourself to something nice. It doesn't have to be expensive- just something little to pamper yourself with. A nice massage or a sauna or something in a similar line.

Well done girl! :)


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