Getting geared up

Getting ready... Got my armour (patches) my anti depressants ( that definitely needed to be addressed) nothing or no-one will drive me back to fags this time.... Blinkers on all the way just go forward :) a small "blip" that turned into a 2 week blip.... Never again.... I did so well I can do it again just need to pick the day and DO IT! #feelingdetermined :D xx

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  • Loving the positivity Donna.

    You can do this, many of us Including me have had blips, but that just reinforces our need and desire to stay quit.:)

    Just keep going my lovely, great attitude.

    Look forward to your posts,:):D:)

  • Cheers Trace :) it is like gearing up for a big race lol... I am scared cos I know how it makes me feel I don't feel like me haha I'm hoping the anti d's will help though and I will surge through all the negative side of it :)

  • It's all so consuming some times, hoping the meds kick in soon for you.

    We all have very interweaving lives it just gets busier and busier,.

    Take a break if you can, nothing to distract you, , a cry if needed (don't know any one who doesn't feel better after a cry).

    Have a stretch, start with you feet, and gradually stretch every muscle you have, I find it calms me down.

    I have faith in you my lovely, :):)

  • Thanks mate, I know I have been here before but as long as you keep trying surely we will all get there :) xx

  • Donna I feel for you it's bl##dy terrifying before you take the plunge.

    You sound like you're well armoured for the battle and determined to make this the last time.


    Good luck:D

  • We're all here to support you as you take wing Donna :)

    You can do it girly, you can do it....:D

  • Hi Donna,

    Rooting for you all the way!! Glad you're here! :)

    Keep moving forward, one hour, one day at a time and before you know it the road will get smoother.

  • Good luck my friend, I know you can do it! x

  • Ducks all seem to be lined up Donna, fabulous attitude, success is yours for the taking - you know you can do it - go for it!



  • Good luck Donna. You can do it :) x

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