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Lost track of time

Hey guys

Not been on for a while, sorry about that :o

Althought i am full of cold and my chest feels like I am back smoking again, I promise I am not. However, I can no longer remember how long it has been since I quit, or rather, I have to really think about it to work it out.

So I had my last one on the night of Sunday the 9th March, which means that in 2 days time, I will have been smoke free for a whole month!

Does the fact that it feels longer than that mean its a bad thing? I have even put the special dates into my diary (3 monthly) to remind myself and so I can celebrate with a little jig :D

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Hi Jenny woo hoo! Well done :) not remembering how long it's been can only be a good thing at least smoking isnt on ur mind too much :cool: xx


So lovely to see these positive posts, hope your having a party at the 3 month mark & can I come along please.

Doing great:)


Jigging is such fun - I wish you many more jiggles :D

Huge congratulations, when you lose track of time it is such a massively good sign




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