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Day 14


Made my first posting in here on day 6....thought it was going too easily then....and it still is! Shouldn't be like this should it?

The only times when the real cravings do occur are straight after eating food. And thats it! I just vape the cravings away. I am convinced that there is more to what our bodies are craving than just nicotine, I believe that somewhere within the 4,000 chemicals and toxins within cigarette smoke there is at least one other addictive agent...otherwise giving up by using e-cigs or NRT wouls be a damn sight easier.

Not going to fool myself into thinking I have cracked it yet but am getting there! 14 days already...still have a sense of disbelief sometimes that I have got this far, after being a slave to tobacco for so many years.

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Totally agree with you there Carl e-cigs are so different to cigs that there must be other drugs ???? Involved:confused:

Well done this is also my 14 day and I decided to use e-cig for the first few weeks before I go ct.

Keep going :)



How you doing re signs of detoxing?

Yours truly has signs of a few quitzits (yuk!) a cough (not as bad as a couple of days ago) but the major one is the returning sense of smell! (Amazing how strongly things smell after two weeks!)


Yes this is how it can be :):):)

It won't be like that for everyone :):)

It was like that for my husband :)

Over 6 months now and doing brilliantly. Never ever thinks about fags, never a pang

Hope that you are like him xxx :):):)

Thanks for your post.

Another day as a non smoker almost done...lets keep it going.


Glad it's going so well. 2 weeks is brill. :D:D:D


I think the ecig helps very little and I intend to bin it in a few days, but it does help when I get a craving.

Like you the first thing I noticed was the sense of smell it's amazing, you can tell someone is a smoker cause they stink !

Not getting any really bad cravings anymore, just my brain that still wants a fag.

Keep going 2 weeks in mega good. Worst bit now over :):):)


My plan with the e-cig is to gradually reduce the strength of the e-juice...currently on 1.8mg - cut it to 1.2 and so on.

Generates a few quizzical looks from people when they get that faint strawberry smell after steeling themselves for the tobacco stink :)


Well done :). Keep going your doing fab:):)


Reducing the nicotine content is a really good idea, I don't think you will have any problems doing it that way. I'm no expert but just don't get hooked on the ecigs too much, I know people who just carry on with the ecigs for years!!!

I wouldn't want to do that.

Good luck:)


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