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No Smoking Day
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day 14

Hi all just had two bad days but got thru them

decided last night at 6pm to remove patch now going cold turkey

didnt see the point in suffering with patch when I may as well suffer without

hasnt been to bad but its only been 18 hours on CT

have a happy day:D


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Hi Bill

Well done so far good luck with the CT bit 18 hours is good stay with it



Well done you a whole two weeks done. Sounds like you will do well taking off the patch, but if you need to you could try what quite a few people here did, they cut their patches until they had only very small amounts of nicotine so didn't notice the drop.



Hi Bill

Its a great move if you are comfortable with it and it's the way I went. I started on patches for 1/2 day and thought 'how much worse would CT be?' and I'd have the nicotine out of my system quicker. Detoxing at the same time (fruit juice, hot water with lemon etc.) really helped me and stay off the caffeine for a few days at least. Run, walk, cycle or get to the gym to keep any stress to a minimum, exercising really does the mind, the power of good. It's very doable if you take one crave and each day as it comes. If I can do it, so can you. Wishing you all the best.


Hi thanks for the support

going CT is the right way for me, did two weeks on patches with all the side affects and still had cravings,with CT got the cravings with no side affects

still hanging in



Hi bill :D

14 days that's great and now CT for you just hang in there

you're doing judt fine glad it hasn't been so bad today as well


Marg xx


was doing fine uptill midday now stressed again lol

fighting the nic-demon gets tougher

wonder how come that one second everything's all roses the next all thorns


Quitting smoking is easy staying quit is hard

I think you are doing the right thing I went CT xmas Day and like you said stressed if you do and stressed if you dont so may as well be clean and nicotine is still dangerous

What are the immediate effects of nicotine?

increase in blood pressure

increase in heart rate

thickening of blood

narrowing of arteries

decrease in skin temperature

increase in respiration

stimulation of the central nervous system

What are the delayed effects?

high blood pressure

blockage of blood vessels

depletion of vitamin C

reduction in the effectiveness of the immune system

If Smoked cancer of the mouth, throat, and lungs

cancer of the upper respiratory tract

bronchitis and/or emphysema

stomach ulcers

weight loss

dryness and wrinkling of the skin

production of abnormal sperm in males

Got this of



Hi Bill, brave you, my Hubby quit 3 weeks ago and spent a week with NRT then like you said it was prolonging the agony so he's now 2 weeks free and doing great. He's rubbung it in a bit that I've got help and he's fine, don't think the kids could take both of us ct. Well done again Bill - try my method of singing OH WHAT A WONDERFUL MORNING - gets me through lol


well done bill - hang in there mate - it does get better :)


Day 14 today. Tomorrow i'm in the week 3 thread! I'll miss you all :D

Keep up the good work and i'll see you there!!


Well some bad news:mad:

was doing ok going CT lasted 46 hours (funny how we count the hours)

was totaly stressed out wasnt sure what to do, ended up putting a patch back on :mad:

Had it on less than an hour and was so ill,now getting too much nicotine:mad:

Took it back off and was ok again

This morning I tried to put a half patch on same thing felt ill

Now cut down to quarter patch still dont feel right but cant take the chance just yet of not having some nicotine:mad:

So annoyed with myself


Hi Bill,

I am currently hiding from the forum as yet again i have not succeeded and I'm too embarrassed to admit it here, but reading your post- I'm feeling your pain there! Somehow "Hey buddy, you're doing great" isn't that helpful at these times.

Here's something for you though, you could cave in right now, you could go away and chain-smoke 40 cigarettes and it STILL won't be enough for that demanding monster in your head. It never is. Like you i found the patches truly awful, I'd never felt so ill or so tired, but i think perhaps because you took them off then put them on again you've really only re-awoken your wee demon.

You're going to have to really grit your teeth through this one. You were approaching your 3rd day CT and that is usually when peak cravings hit, and oh my aren't they monsterous? I hope you get through as I really hope you are still here when I eventually come crawling back to the forum:D

Sorry there's not too much constructive help here, but you are not alone in your struggle.

Stay strong,

Jenni xx



Well I am on 1/4 patch for a bit:(

(But at least I didnt smoke a real ciggy mmmm reeaaallll ciiigggyyyy lol)

was so close to getting CT done but will keep reducing the patch in size

untill I am free

Fuming with myself but excepting it now

back to being happy with myself

all this time its never bothered me watching other people smoke or being in the same room as them

Yesterday I didnt want a ciggy I wanted the illusion of what a ciggy gave me

and had the scence to know thats what it was

I will have to move now to week three will miss all of you but will watch out for you when you come over to week three :D

wishing you all the strength you need with the quit

JENNI it can be done people on here prove it everyday



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