No Smoking Day

It Speaks!

Day 5. Headaches and not sleeping well still rule the roost. Internal dialogue getting funny....The tobacco pouch (TP), still untouched (by me) on the shelf, getting v grumpy - wife still uses it but has cut down in solidarity.

TP: And where have you been?

Clod: I quit.

TP: You did WHAT?

Clod: I quit.

TP: *sniffs* Are you sure?

Clod: Yes.

TP: Don't you want even a little sniff?

Clod: No, you smell like a wombats backside anyway.

TP: No need to be like that.

Clod: Yes there is.

TP: Why be so cruel to yourself?

Clod: Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

TP: Platitudes! Have a nice cuppa and a ciggy, eh?

Clod: No! Go away!

TP: But I'm starving.....FEED ME!

Clod: Where are you?

TP: I live in that hungry place just above your tummy and below your diaphragm.

Clod: In which case, you're a parasite..

TP: Well *huffs*, if you're going to be like THAT...

Clod: I am. Count on it.

2 Replies

Sooo soooooo funny , nuts love it:)


:D Made me laugh too.

And how many wombats backsides have you sniffed Clod? I think we should be told...:)


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