No Smoking Day
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Well I guess it's about time I said "Hi"

So, last Saturday I woke up with such a stinking hangover that the thought of having a cigarette was not even an option.

This led into Sunday and by the afternoon I was ready to have a cig ... but then I realised that in terms of quitting I had already gone a day and a half so thought let's see how it goes

Err.... Day 9 now!! (Yay to me) lol

Cold turkey and reading posts on here I guess has got me this far - oh and I think I may be discovering something I never knew I had ... Willpower!

So just wanted to say thanks to all that have posted / responded on here. Even just reading the posts has been a big help

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Hi, welcome to the forum, yes this forum is just fantastic, and definitely keeps us inspired when we need the extra surge of positivity.

Great news 9 days done:)

Look forward to reading your posts:)


Many thanks

Cheers for the lovely welcome - I would have expected nothing less from you lovely peeps :-)

Back to work tomorrow after a week off and I'll be in double figures! I did think that going back to work might be more difficult but I've got through the hardest part when I've been at home whereas when I go back to work I would have been limited to "breaks" anyway - so I'm thinking it should be even easier... (Now that really was a silly think to say lol)

10 Days not smoking seems silly when you think how many days I smoked


Hey Jamous, perhaps this is working because in a way it was an accidental quit :D no psyching yourself up for a quit date, no worrying about have u got enough NRT when is my Allen Carr book coming have I got enough fruit juice for the first few days etc etc.... :) you just casually did it and it's working, so nice one for that, well done :)


Welcome Jamous and well done on your accidental quit. Brilliant.:D

Hope the first days back in work are ok.


An accidental quit! Like it Jamous :D

You're through the worst now. All you need to do is to keep on going and the days, weeks and months will pass before you know it.

Well done mate. :)


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to work I go ....

Sorry couldn't resist that lol

As always, thanks for the fab responses from you all, Max what a super way to think of only 10 days, and I am definately starting to feel it now I seem to have more energy in that I am not fighting for breath after doing the most basic of things

Well as I said, my first day back at work since my quit but the fact I am now on day 10 hopefully means any work-related stress can just go whistle if it thinks it's going to get be to go back

Just had another thought, every day when I go t work I always pride myself on looking smart and smelling nice. I always have a burst of nice aftershave before I leave home ..... and then I'll have a cig just before I walk into the office - Kinda defeats the object I guess lol

Anyways, have a great day all

J x


Hi Jamo,

Brilliant way to do it mate one day at a time :D


Welcome and Congrats! Keep it up!:D


Well Jinx

Tell us, how did work go???????


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