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I guess it's goodbye!

Am on day 14 now. I've had a few cravings over the last few days, but they have been relatively short lived (I'm not actually sure if they were cravings or I was just bored!) I've spent a lot of the time in the car this weekend (I used to smoke loads in the car) and that was quite difficult, as traffic got worse I wanted (or thought I wanted) a cigarette, so I pumped myself full of mints - should have read the laxative warning on the pack though!:eek:

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Welcome and well done getting to 14 days, that's 2 whole weeks. Read as much as you can about the addiction to nicotine it will help loads. You can find info in our signatures, in other peoples posts and the pages listed at the bottom of this page, e.g Reasons for Quitting etc.

Best wishes.



Hi Sharkey

14 days that's great keep going

You have a huge trigger behind you now as you used to smoke a lot in the car and been in it a lot this weekend without smoking




You're not kidding Marg, driving was a huge trigger for me, and I have spent the best part of twelve hours in the car this weekend and although it wasn't easy, it was as only as difficult as I made it - I hope that makes sense!


Hi Sharkey :D

It's behind you now and will never be as hard again OK

I have yet to drive since I quit as had to give up driving for just over a year for medical reason's and just got my licence back

When I drive again I'll let you know how it goes as I also smoked a lit when driving


Marg xx


Well done Sharkey, the car is a nasty one to get over but you have done it now.

Plus....gave me a laugh on a Monday morning....thx...xx


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