No Smoking Day
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Hmmmm, Day 2 and It's Friday!

Thanks for all the really positive and helpful comments in response to my Day 1 post. Happy to let you all know that it's Day 2 and I'm still here :D

So, it's Friday. End of the week. No more work (yay!) for a couple of days, which is good as my job is kinda stressful.

A few cravings today (was planning 3 year income budgets for a charity - no pressure :rolleyes:) but managed to keep busy enough to avoid any slip-ups. Realising how much better I felt this morning after only one day without smoking helped.

My wife (who smokes - boooo! ;)) is off out tonight, so it's just me and Tiny Girl (not so tiny now she's 6, and takes after her 6'7" daddy) in the house.

Good thing is there are no cigarettes lying about, so if I have a glass of wine (just the one, honest) then temptation is well out of the way.

To everyone else who is on Day 2, good luck. Keep busy, keep occupied, and keep remembering that you've managed for about 36 hours. Trust me, from my experience it gets easier.

More later, probably.....

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Hey, so positive

Sooooo lovely to read these kind of post, well done and keep going, my lovely, am sure this is worth all the ups and downs that we endure, I for one am willing you on:)


Well done Anti- you've had plenty of pressured situations to deal with by the sound of it, but have stood your ground with aplomb. :)

I hope you are able to relax a bit tonight. I'm sure a glass of wine will help especially as there are no smokes in the house to tempt you and we'll all be here to distract you if you need to be distracted, peeled off the ceiling, bounced around the room or whatever else seems essential. :D


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