No Smoking Day
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Back At Day 1

Well, here I am again.

I doubt you'll remember me, but I stopped smoking on 1st January 2013. It's the only New Year's Resolution I ever really managed to keep, and despite being a 20 a day for 20 years smoker I didn't find stopping to be all that bad.

But, on December 18th 2013 and for no discernible reason (okay, it was alcohol related!) I had a cigarette.

And then another.

And the next day I finished the pack I'd bought. And so on....

So, here I am again in March 2014 with a patch on my arm and a non-smoker since I got up about 14 hours ago.

I'm going to do it all again. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to have started again. My beautiful 6 year old daughter doesn't know what smoking is, but really doesn't need a Daddy who smokes.

It really helped me to know that I could share my experience here last time, so that's why I'm back.

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Your reason is all the motivation you need

Welcome back.

You know you can quit, now just hold on to it like it was your child.....



Thank you for responding so quickly, and for your support. That's why I'm here, cos I remember the encouragement I had last time was enough to get me over the first hurdles.

No looking back now :)


Hi Anti

Good luck with your quit, love your motivation and like you say your daughter is incentive for you to stick with it :) :)


Hi there, well done for getting back on the wagon!!! I think we've all probably made the same mistake as you at some point! I know if I had one puff now I would be hooked again and it would take me months or more likely years before i would try quit again. But in my last 6 or so quits, I didn't think like that - hence my quits never lasted for more than 3 months!

Best of luck with your quit! We are all here to help.



Well done for quitting again so soon. When I started again in took me 10 months to pluck up the courage to quit again xx As we all now know, one wont hurt does hurt and im sure you will be very successful this time:) xx All the best xx


Hi Anti,

You did it before, you can do it again. And this time you know you will never, ever succumb to the 'just one won't hurt' voice.

I shall look forward to watching you race to the Penthouse. :)


Hello Anti, I am so sorry to hear you almost got to a year then fell into the stinky oiks trap :mad:

Well done for getting back into the saddle and sharing your experience with us, it certainly reminds me to never be complacent, I quite often think this is so easy now, but I will have to be sure to never take my eye off the ball. It never ceases to surprise me how quickly the addiction takes hold, yet it takes months, sometimes years, to break! :eek:

You will do this ;)


We all fall off the wagon from time to time, just remember why you stop & stay strong. I heard a really cool story once of a dad who struggled with quitting cigs, he said whenever he fancied one he'd look at the picture of his daughter in his wallet to remind him why he shouldn't.

Good luck man :)


Yeah you pick your main motivation and keep it at the front of your brain. A photo in your wallet would really do it.

Now thinking what photo I should put in my purse:

health is my motivation

healthy heart/diseased heart..... no too vague

it's how smoking limits your life is my main problem with it NOT that it shortens it.

Maybe a hospital bed/green hills.... where would you rather be?

Thinking out loud here....


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