Start of Day 8!

still feeling good, no complaints really. a touch more emotional then normal in a weepy sence, not that im out right balling but my eyes will well up over something silly...Yesterday i was home alone, kids at school, hub at work, and i had the day off, first time i've been alone all day since i quit smoking, i have to say the thought did cross my mind, a quick, hmm maybe a drag just to see what its like, but i QUICKLY dismissed the thought!

3 Replies

  • Hya, a massive thumbs up, well done, not to far infront, but am also alone for the first time for couple of days, and I do feel the same.

    Happy no smoking, your doing great:)

  • I was emotional too at the same stage:rolleyes:

    Your doing great....well done:)

  • Thanks everyone, as always you all rock with your kind words and support!! ;)

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