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help to aid you with any cravings

Now i know for many of the new quitters it can get very overwhelming and confusing on what you should use to help you in your quit

for most of the products you can use sadly there are alot of side effects and i know for many including myself with having a horrid reaction to the glue on the patches :eek: it can make life that is already hard harder to deal with

In recent years given my health issues i have had so many tablets prescribed to supposdly help me to deal with them but again the side effects have been in some cases worse then the original problem :(

ive always had an open mind and over the years have tried various natural supplements and found many that have helped without any side effects sadly one of my favs that i used alot for my tummy probs i cant afford to buy very often as the price of the item has got so high its way out of my price range

anyway the reason i have started this thread is because i have found a couple of things in recent years to help me with some of my physical health probs and also with depression that has been a big part of my life over the years :(

and the main ones i now use on a daily basis are meditation mindfullness and EFT or tapping as its also called

in recent years with the amount of studies being done they have all astonished and amazed scientists skeptics alike because they have been proven to work effectivly

our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself over time and if we start working on it from within without any chemicals it will improve

i could post loads of links regarding some of the studies but im not because there are too many the only one i will post is for the EFT as i have found that the most effective

there are different types of it around but it doesnt matter which one you try as they all work effectively

it has helped so many people deal with there addictions as well as physical health probs

so give it a go on you will get a free download to give you the basics plus there is alot of info relating to the benefits of using it

i hope some of you are willing to try it at least its not going to cost you any money and your not going to have any side effects

hope it helps

just remember too never give up giving up and if you do give in and smoke again

PLEASE DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP or call yourself names or even thinking you have let yourself and others down because as long as you carry on trying you will find your own quit

post on here as often as you need to as we all know what your going through and will support you in anyway we can :)

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Trying to find a *like* button :p xxx


Trying to find a *like* button :p xxx

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Fab post Carol!!



Thank you lovely ladies for the kind words xXx


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