what does a crave FEEL like to you

I have always found it hard to explaine what a "crave" for a cigarette feels like. I wonder how others feel. I am not talking about withdrawal so much as the aftermath... the ongoing desire for a cigarette despite breaking the Physical addiction part.

To me It is a strange sensation...

It is more than want... like I want that new car... nothing like that

It is a more physical desire but somehow different than hunger and sexual desire.

It does not hurt physically but is somehow painful

At the worst I felt like my head or entire body might spontaniously explode

It is this incredible sense of disorientation and nervousness and your mind is telling you only a cigarette can put things right.... but really there is nothing wrong...

The place I always feel it most is in the back of my teeth... Is this nuts?

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  • I tend to feel cravings at the top of my ribcage too a bit like an indigestion type of feeling,or even 'lump feeling in my throat' (doesn't last too long though):)

  • If I had to explain to a non smoker I'd say that to me a craving sensation is partly about a gnawing want that consumes your thoughts, so that you feel you can't achieve peace of mind until you satisfy it, combined with a kind of non specific rubbishy feeling.

  • I feel it most in my chest. Like it will explode! It is such a strange sort of feeling, because your brain seems to tell you if you have a ciggy all will fine!

  • I feel it in my head, it's like a promenant voice, like the subconscious is taken over and my thoughts and diversions can't push it aside. Cravings give me headaches.

    It is like the old fashioned angel on one shoulder n devil on the other :D

  • Its like nothing else can it the spot and make things feel right. HEHE Just mad really

  • I feel it in my throat and chest, like a rising panicky feeling. Its a lot like my panic attacks, just a mild form. And other than the obvious "have a cigarette" my instant reaction is to do something with my hands. it's led to some bizzare ticks!

  • I feel it in my chest, and head, like something is missing and I just need to feel the cigarette going down my throat into my lungs, written down thats horrible really isnt it? :rolleyes:

  • For me a craving is like feeling nervous and jittery, and a bit light-headed. But I mean how ever hard this is it is nothing compared to something like cold turkey from heroin with hallucinations and vomitting and stomach cramps.

    Tho it is quite a strong psychological thing because a craving can seem to last hours. Bloody nicotine!!!

  • mmm, have to disagree with you there snubs Im afraid, my hubby was a heroin addict and went cold turkey and has never looked back.

    he also quit with me back in June and he said that he actually finds quitting fags harder.

    may be just him personally i admit but i have heard generally anyway that nicotine is more addictive than H.

  • I have just read all your replies and I feel a lot of them. I feel jittery and on edge, I feel like I cannot concentrate and my mind is telling me i need to smoke, I need that feeling of drawing on a cigerette.

    Its a horrible feeling and I hate the way it is controling me.

  • I think it will be different for everyone.

    Your brain is in control of it and it will try to play any trick to make you give it what it wants. All the little receptor thingies that want the nicotene are going wild, probably making your brain cycle like mad, trying any and everything to get you to give it nicotene.

    A crave is probably the most uncomfortable thing your brain can dream up in an attempt to make you satisfy it, which will be different for each individual.

    Or that might be a load of crap, i'm not sure.

  • Hi all,

    I too have heard that quitting nicotine is harder than quitting heroin, but I am only speaking through others as I have never been addicted to a drug other than nicotine. Ewww and nicotine as we all know is a HORRID drug to kick.

    Ok back to what cravings feel like for me...hmmmm ~ it IS hard to describe isn't it?! I would have to say I crave the feeling of the nasty smoke going into my mouth, throat and lungs. I crave the ciggie between my fingers and the motion of my hand going to my mouth. I must say - i feel empty almost - like i need to eat or something to try and rid the crave and satisfy the empty feeling. My thoughts get consumed for a few minutes of ciggie thoughts and ARG - oh its terrible and this thread has made me crave.... :confused:

  • For me I believe it was a nervous twitch, like strong butterflys in the stomach. Like I still get now before the dentist or a flight too really.

    Nothing too painful, such a vague sensation, yet so powerful!

  • My cravings can hit me any time of any day. I now automatically take a massive intake of air into my lungs when the craving strikes and so far I seem to get the required hit and the craving suddenly eases.

    Strange... hmmm yes but it works for me...:cool:


  • craving

    I feel t in my lungs as if my chest becomes too tight.... then i'm getting very ratty, restless, inpatient and stressed, everything focuses on having this damm cigarette.... well - touch wood, not anymore... i still get these feelings up to once per day, but so far was able to overcome them.....

  • Physically, I get stomache cramps and headaches. I also start wringing my hands. Mentally, there is a voice telling me: YOU NEED A CIGARETTE. IT'S OK, ONE MORE WON'T HURT. YOU CAN QUIT TOMORROW. etc.

  • Being at the early stages of quitting I feel a crave as a buzzy/heavy sensation in my forehead it also gets my saliva going in my mouth. During a crave I feel foggy/spacey/weak and completely unable to concentrate.

    Kind rgds,


  • I trulyhave the itch right now, has been hre for about 2 weeks, but ive made it to 15 months before so ill be damned if im gonna give in now, its still early days.

    The ITCH to me feels like the first morning cigg, or reminsiant of that one FAB cigg i once had, and thats it... i ONCE had, and will never have again so why chuck in something that hs become pasr of my confidence!!!

    I remeber it used to feel like bautiful inhalation and tormentous all at the same time.

    And yeah John that salvation part is part of it, but alsow your flushing toxins as we speak and we get dodgy musuc membranes all over that under or over produce for some time.

    6 months and ticking!

  • im only on day 3

    at the moment its like a starburst in my chest, which spreads to my legs, fingers and inside my head - which i have had nearly all day today - what joy :-)

  • For me its a constant nagging in my head telling me to go smoke. Also a heavy feeling in my chest. I lose all concentration and become very figgety.:mad:

  • its like that insatiable itch.... well im getting my own back, now and again i go down to the car park outside my office with just enough money on me to buy 20 benson and a disposable lighter, i take a few deep breaths and look at the shop over the road, and then go back inside for a glass of water :)

    another craving bites the dust

  • emotional

    The feeling I get is the exact same feeling I had last year when I got dumped by BF of 5 years and he stopped contacting me or speaking to me just out the blue having met someone else. It is a little milder maybe, but it is the same feeling, which is weird and makes me think I must be weird as obviously my addiction must be all tied up with my emotions.

    I always knew I was prone to fall in love with inanimate objects, but really, I mean, cigarettes...am I that stupid, was I in love with my fags.

    Not sure which was worse for me, the ex BF or the fags, but anyway glad to see the back of both of them now my brain has kicked into gear.

  • its like that insatiable itch.... well im getting my own back, now and again i go down to the car park outside my office with just enough money on me to buy 20 benson and a disposable lighter, i take a few deep breaths and look at the shop over the road, and then go back inside for a glass of water :)

    another craving bites the dust

    damn that sounds brilliant lol

    thats what you call tackling it head on lol!

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