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Smoking helps you poo

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One of the side effects of stopping smoking is that you lose you "regularity". I believe it's something to do with muscle relaxing effects of Nicotine (an old girlfriend used to call the effect of the 1st fag on the bowels "The Zebs"). When you stop you also may experience some constipation. Rather than take laxatives try a fibre suppliment based on psyllium husk

Makes Bran look like ice cream and the best poo you'll ever have, helps with the detox too. ;)

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Doctor recommended this and I can vouch for it ;)

Hi I have to agree with Karri the warnings are very scary:eek:. I hate being constipated oh poo my dr prescribed me Movical a not so bad drink and regular as clockwork.

After reading this post I was in two minds whether to delete it, but I decided to add a post instead.

Regular use of any artificial product to stimulate the bowels will eventually cause the colon to stop functioning on its own. Do not take psyllium-containing products simply to “prevent constipation” when no real need exists.

It is much better to prevent constipation by drinking plenty of water, making sure you get plenty of dietary fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and even an increase in exercise will help. Modifying your diet so it’s high in fibre is probably the best way to relieve and prevent constipation. You can also try a product which a chemist would recommend to promote normal bowel function without encountering the negative health risks associated with ingesting psyllium husks.

I would also suggest that if you are having a major problem then visiting your GP would be a good idea, we are not medical experts on this forum so therefore any medical advice will not necessarily be correct, so always consult your Doctor if in any doubt.

I hope you will all have a long and healthy quit with out too many obstructions :D see even us Mods have a sense of humour.

wow a mod having a laugh :eek: that can't be proper ;)

Do you think its maybe illegal and I should remove it? or be removed :eek:

quite possibly in the forum police :eek:

Not at all Mod like the humor.:)

I vote removal :eek: I mean I vote illegal removal :rolleyes: Legal removal? :confused:

Oh crap, maybe I'd do better to just shut up :D

Oh crap, maybe I'd do better to just shut up :D

Hahahahaha :D :D :D

I think so long as its humour it can stay, when it become un humour I will have to remove it :confused: must be later than we think????

Remove it Mod2 , its not interesting anyway is it! ? we all know that with a coffee & a cig in a morning it gets the cr ap out of yer:D ........................ and when you pack in...things change a bit! ...not exactly a great read is it?........:D but thats just one opinion ;)

oh so much talk and fuss abt this

a full lenghth carrot before u sleep wiil solve all these problems

hahaha I'm glad I'm not imagining it.

I haven't been since I quit.

This thread just keeps going :D

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