No Smoking Day
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Brill day, I'm loving this !

Hi all

I'm so happy and really enjoying my quit. I had a blip and had one ciggie last week after a few drinks but I'm convinced that it was what I needed because the guilt and depression I felt after made me even more determined NEVER to do that again. I got rid of all cigs in the house and it's really given me peace of mind. No point craving for something I haven't got.

I've had a fab weekend. Kept myself busy around the house and got a lot done which made me feel good. Went out for a meal on Saturday night which was amazing. Only thing wrong was when a chap on a nearby table popped out for a puff and he stank when he came back in. Ugggg, that was me not so long ago. Went for a long walk today, did a pub stop on the way home, then had a Barbie.

Now sat here writing this, well contented.

Cancer sticks are history !

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I love your signature quote!!

It's fab you're doing so well, it sounds like your mind is in exactly the right place :D


Well done Cessania, heres to week 2, im a day behind you just on day 7. Feels good doesnt it. no more tightness in my chest, no sneaking for a crafty fag. and saved a weeks worth of cash, win win win. :)


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