No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Didn't sleep last night but nevertheless today has been one of the easier days for me :)

Started reading Allen Carr to spur me on into the new territory beyond today, and treated myself to "The Sky at Night" magazine - I know day 19 is awesome, but not yet close to telescope country I'm afraid :D

Today, I have enjoyed not smoking, need to remember that for when I'm struggling,



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Yesss day 19 in the bag :) so pleased for u mate xx


Ticking off the days , getting happier and more secure with your decision.

How good does it feel?

How long will it take you to get the telescope?

I have no idea how much it would cost.


Telescope will cost me about £500 so in terms of money I'm scarily not that far away Sue, having been stopping smoking all of this year :eek:

but it's going to be a reward to me from me for being REALLY quit so not quite deserving yet, but think I can start having a bit of a window shop :p


Mina, well only one day behind, and still hanging on to you.

We all have our reasons to quit, but lovely to be able to convert that cash into something we desire , telescope that's fab.:D

Enjoy this day, as we don't know what tomorrow holds :rolleyes:


I agree with Max BUY it and then start looking round for what else you want:)

How did you get into star gazing?



Nothing particulary intelligent :)

Just the rather delectable Prof Brian Cox and his excellent Wonders of The Solar System and Universe programmes

“Every mountain, every rock on this planet, every living thing, every piece of you and me was forged in the furnaces of space. … Every atom in our bodies was formed not on Earth, but was created in the depths of space, through the epic lifecycle of the stars“.

How awesome is that as a concept :cool::cool:


My mind is blown:)


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