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Hello day 19 ;)


Hello day 19 :)

Well really tired today, was awake til stupid o'clock last night (2am) as couldn't sleep, but the film was good earlier in the evening :)

Don't feel stressed today though as i have some assistance in the office which i need on this site even though my boss don't see it that way sometimes.

So hello day 19, pleased to meet ya :)

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Hi Jase :D

Sorry to hear you has another bad night but glad you enjoyed the film

You're doing great and almost 3 weeks done now

Glad you don't feel stressed today either


Marg xxxxxxx

Yep today seems much better so far.. been a bit tired sure, but nothing i can't handle.

tis funny but now i've seen that 'almost 3 weeks' it does feel like i've come a long way. Fourth week starts at the stroke of midnight on saturday night, and not having a problem today, so hopefully the next few days will be the same.

Wine n DVD night on friday, and so far it hasn't bothered me a jot when drinking a few glasses o' wine, so thats a good sign. I stop after a few glasses anyway, and its only the 1 night a week.

Wish i could pass on some of my will power to some friends on here though, i know some are struggling at the moment, and i'd love to share some of my willpower with them.

Hi Jase :D

I know what you mean about passing on some willpower but we can't mores the pity

All we can do is try to support them as best we can

Jase you have come a long way the first 2/3 weeks are never easy

Enjoy the Wine and DVD tomorrow night


Marg xxxxxx

It is a pity yeah :) today i'm really v. positive too. Things going smoothly and no stress.

Happy day 19 day J,

Well done and pleased to hear that there is no stress,,, this does help.

Almost the week end and time to get out in the fresh air and do activities that we never did before as we where smokers!.

Many thanks for being my 'sort of' sponsor, i think we all need one as it can be such a great help. A bit like in AA meetings. I know this as my mother was an alcoholic (i say was as she recently passed away) and she got honest help and releif from all the group but just a tad extra from her sponsor.

tata for now,... from the stick lady.


Only too glad mimi. It would be awful if we were just alone in this thing and trying to give up. I've got a short list of i think 3 folk at the moment who i really want to see get through the initial first steps so they can see that it does get a heck of alot easier, but i keep now seeing a few new names of folk who i can relate to as their experiences closely match mine on the first week or two.

Week 2 was good for me, perhaps may be for others too, but its the unexpected hurdles we end up stuck at sometimes. If we just soldier on through them we are fine. Having this forum is nice for just that reason. So many have been through it, sometimes more than once, but what matters is that we are trying.

Right on and good to know that there is some one for everyone and every situation

Mimi x

another day of work over, and tomorrow i'm at another site that is 200% less stressy than this one all day and not only that, instead of having to drive on 2 motorways to get there, its only 10-15 mins from my house..awesomeness :)

Its been a good day today... sure theres been deadlines to meet, but i just sat and planned everything i could to keep things in perspective and it paid off.

Going to be on my pc later at home, prob after 7pm. see you later all.

Hi Jase

Welcome to Day 19 - fanstastic effort. You really sound positive and up beat despite your not so good day at work! :D

Have a really good evening, and enjoy a less-stressed day tomorrow - Poets Day!:D

as much as possible i 'try' n keep as positive about things as i can, I'm hoping that by doing this that i will give the cravings alot less to feed from and that'll find me more able to deal with them. I get the odd moment where my guard is down a bit though, like when i'm tired, and thats where i start to crumble a little bit.

Most of the the time tho, tis ok.

Keep it up Jase, keep it up ;)

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