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Day 19


:) Well I am now on day 19 and feeling very well indeed. Not one puff and no cravings. Hope everyone else is doing well. Jacqui

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Fleedwood you rock, keep going :D

I hope I can say soon I managed 19 days :)

Thank you Dorset. Where are you at with your Quit. Jacqui:)

Well done your doing so well Fleet, keep going.

Maria. x:)

Well done for getting so far Jacqui! You will have completed your third week in no time :)


I am day 6 :)

Well done Jacqui,

You are doing so well. Keep it going.

Lingy :)

Hurtling towards the end of another week - well done! You must be feeling really pleased with yourself.

Thanks for you replies everyone. :)

Doing brilliantl seems we're enjoying a very similar quit experience :D

keep going

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