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Day 19


Cold Turkey! :p

Last time I posted about cold turkey someone got a bit mad with me and told me it doesn't work so I don't really post much any more because of that. But anyway.

Cravings are getting less and less now I don't think about it so much any more maybe once a day or so.. No where near as bad! :D Just feeling a little tired all the time and eating loads but that's better then smoking. :D

Hope everyone is well and doing well with there quits! And good luck to the people who are thinking about quitting i would go for it! Its the best feeling ever! :D

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Well done Ozzy

Gratz on day 19 you are doing brilliant. Can relate to you with the nibbles I just cant stop but like you say better than smoking. My best friend has just quit CT on the 1st June and is doing really well, it doesnt matter how you quit just as long as you do it. Freedom is the main goal ;)

Hi Ozzy,

Well done 19 days smoke free that's brilliant soon be a month. I know who you are on about as Jim said think he has gone.

I stopped using the cold turkey method nearly 4 months ago and I intend to stay stopped.

I personally think any method is a good method as long as it works for the individual that uses it.

Yes the eating thing gets less and less, but only after you have gained a few pounds lol.

Being tiered will lessen and you will end up having more energy so it's all worth it.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing on your good and bad days. Being a fellow CT I can tell you this forum has been a big help staying on the right road.




Hi Ozzy nice to hear from you again and glad you are doing ok. Don't be put off by anyone like that because the majority of people will not agree with them. Your way of getting off fags is fine even if you are standing on your head as long as you are not smoking.


hi ozzy,

i would just like to mirror the replies you have had,

whatever way works for is great,as long as you stop putting them cancer sticks in your mouth,and puffing crap into your lungs,you are doing great.

well done

doey xx

Hi Austyn :D

Well done you ao 19 days quit that's great, the tiredness wil pass Promise

As for the bloke you had the spat with about CT as B B says he seems to have gone off as he said he was

I think like Dolly that it doesn't mattter how you quit as long as you do we all have to go with what suits us

Personally I admire people who can go C T I tried it 2/3 times and failed dismally


marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Ozzy - well done on getting to day 19 - getting over the third week is a real milestone, you will soon get to the point when you realise that you have gone a whole morning and you haven't thought of smoking once!

Btw - I gave up by going cold turkey and so far it has worked fine for me - I'm nearly at 6 months and I feel great. Stick with it and keep posting on here - it is what got me this far!:D

C.T (good for U)

Well said everyone, Ozzy u doing brilliant, and like everyone has said, as long as u quit does'nt matter how u do it, as long as u get the right result, NOT smoking........ Keep up the good work..... Nice to see u back on here Kaz :p

Hi ozzy, well done on your quit so far and cold turkey is a great way to quit, as is nrt, champix or anything else, every way to quit is a great way as long as we quit!

well done and keep going,


Thanks so much everyone for your kind words. :D It always cheers me up when I'm feeling a little down and to read back through the replys I have got. :D Glad everyone is doing OK and I will try and post more often when I can!

Well done Austyn,

Am very proud of you :D

Before you know it you will have got your first month under your belt.

Gaynor xx

Well done Ozzy and everyone else for giving up smoking, whatever way is working for you is obviously the right way because it is working;)

I also went cold Turkey and i am now coming up for 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks i was so tired and felt awful but now i feel great, apart from the eating which i know will sort itself out or i will when i am ready.

It is not often now that i feel like a cig but when i do, i come on here.

Thank you everyone for all the support and for being such a supportive forum.

Hi givenup :D

Well done on almost 6 weeks that's great keep it going

Also glad to hear you're feeling great and yes the eating will sort itself and settle down,my appetite is now back to pre quit days


Marg xxxxxxx

Thank you Margareth

I actually do not feel hungry at all today:)


Hi Ozzy,

I wondered where you'de got to........even put it in a post today.

Pay no attention to that are doing brill and I soooo admire those who can quit using CT........I'm too much of a weakling and need ALL the crutches that are out there, but hay it doesn't matter how we quit as long as we quit.....keep posting - hugs and kisses xxxxx

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