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5 Weeks Today Yee-Haa !!

CANNOT believe me and my husband are at 5 weeks already - I honestly hardly think about smoking anymore and when I do it's just a fleeting thought that goes as quickly as it comes. The money we are saving is absolutely unreal, we don't know what to do with it :) I took £10 out of the cash machine on Monday and it's still in the back of my purse (that normally would have been spent the minute I got to the shop to get my morning pack of fags).

Keep 'er lit all my quit buddies and any newbies, keep strong, you can do it :) xx

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Thank you Kat - something has just "clicked" this time for me :) This is the first time my husband has quit with me and we are keeping each other strong. Last time his cigs were always round the house so there was always that temptation, and I also felt resentful about "why can he bl**dy smoke and I can't" :mad: This time is so much better xx


Hi Blonde,

5 weeks is fantastic, I will be there in 5 days:D

I bet it is easier too give up with your hubby,

if you both crave at the same time you could

help each other get through :D


Hi Una and Beer :) I'm so focused this time and with my husband as my crutch to lean on I'm in a better place mentally to quit for good this time xx


Hiya Blondie, my quit buddie !!! :)

Is it really 5 weeks now. Can't believe it. :eek:

You are doing brilliantly, and you sound so positive and committed it is wonderful to hear. :):)

That Penthouse really is going to need an extension for when all of us get there. :) bb xx


Hi Blondie this is a great post, full of positivity :) my husband and I are giving up together too and oddly enough it seems to be working, well done on ur 5 weeks, good stuff! :) x


Thanks for the kind messages everyone, you all make it that bit easier :) xx


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